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Clan: Lu Fredd

Number of members: 12
Tagline: We are a group of FRIENDS!
Created: 1/2/2015

Bio: To introduce ourselves: LuFredd is an international Clan, seeking to have fun while improving our skills. In order to do so, we will keep the number of members low(max. 20-25) and maintain a family-like atmosphere. The skill improvements will mainly be achieved by the use of clan internal tournaments and other practise games with other clanmates.

What we offer:
- ClanChat
- Clan internal Tournamets
- ClanLeague (winner of CL7 divison D1)
- Clan internal Realtime- and Multiday-Games
- ClanWars
- DiplomacyGames
- You can choose your own title

These are the requirement to join the clan:
- Win rate >50% for 1vs1, 2vs2 and 3vs3
- Boot rate <10%
- Being online at least every third day
- Being able to, at least rudimentally, communicate in english

We do not tollerate:
- Unpolite and rude behavior towards other Clanmembers
- Spamming, neither in the Clanchat nor in the Clanforum
- High boot rates in Clangames/Tournaments
- Absence greater than a month without prior notice
--> The consequence of a breach of rules will be exclusion!

All new members will have the status of a testmember for one month. After this time the clan will decide whether to offer them full membership or not.

Leader: Nobody
Diplo-Minister: Arigal (ClanPage.DiploGames)
War-Minister: Max (Clanwars.Clanleagues)

For further information or any question do not hesitate to contact Nobody, Max or Arigal.

Clan Member Title
Fairplay Woman First Lady
kalati Testicules
The Duke
Nobody Leader
max Warminister
Master Failure A Failing Master
jacka_acka Testmember
Arigal Diplominister

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