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Clan: Lu Fredd

Number of members: 9
Tagline: We are a group of FRIENDS!
Created: 1/2/2015

Bio: To introduce ourselves: LuFredd is an international Clan, seeking to have fun while improving our skills. In order to do so, we will keep the number of members low(max. 12-15) and maintain a family-like atmosphere. The skill improvements will mainly be achieved by the use of clan internal tournaments and other practise games with other clanmates.

What we offer:
- ClanChat
- Clan internal Tournamets
- ClanLeague (winner of CL7 divison D1)
- Clan internal Realtime- and Multiday-Games
- ClanWars
- DiplomacyGames
- You can choose your own title

These are the requirement to join the clan:
- Play ladder-games
- Win rate >50% for 1vs1, 2vs2 and 3vs3
- Boot rate <10%
- Being online at least every third day
- Being able to, at least rudimentally, communicate in english

We do not tollerate:
- Unpolite and rude behavior towards other Clanmembers
- Spamming, neither in the Clanchat nor in the Clanforum
- High boot rates in Clangames/Tournaments
- Absence greater than a month without prior notice
--> The consequence of a breach of rules will be exclusion!

All new members will have the status of a testmember for one month. After this time the clan will decide whether to offer them full membership or not.

Leader: Nobody
Co-Leader: Arigal

For further information or any question do not hesitate to contact Nobody or Arigal.

Clan Member Title
Nobody Leader
max Leader
Arigal Leader
TribalGuru Guru

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