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Clan: The Royal Empire

Number of members: 27
Tagline: Long Live the Emperor!
Created: 2/18/2015

Bio: *Requirements:
1. Must be at least level ten
2. Must have played in at least ten games
If you meet these requirements, then mail Royal Kendor or Ramsis to get invited.

1. Do not use inappropriate or offensive language.
2. Do not go inactive for more than a month without stating on the forum, and do not go over the stated inactivity time.
3. Listen to your superiors, but actively make suggestions and become involved in the shaping of our clan.
4. Do not break the rules of any game you are in.

The Royal Empire is founded on the principles of medieval feudalism. The main governmental functions are run by the Emperor and his High and Low Advisers, while much of the responsibility of clan activities is put upon the Guilds that make up the basis of our clan. Each Guild has a Knight Marshall who will be the ultimate decision maker regarding their guild.

Post your desire to join a guild on that guilds' thread in the forum

Increasing rank within guilds is a decision of the guild leader, but non-guild members can move up in the world through clan involvement and contribution, as well as displays of skill in clan settings.

~Clan Perks~
Inter-guild warfare
Access to the Imperial Template Database (coming soon)
Creation Boards in forum that allow you to give detailed ideas for the creation of games your level does not support
Friendly, involved atmosphere
Personal training in strategy and diplomacy
You get to put Imperial in front of everything clan related


High Advisers:
Royal Kendor

Lower Advisers:
Alex Pennington
Lone Wolf

Order of the Sky
Knight Marshall: Lord Kreios
Members: 4

Order of the Lion
Knight Marshall: Papysh
Members: 3

Clan Member Title
Lord Cardigan Page
Old veteran Squire
rphuegel Page
Papysh (Lion) High Adviser
Alex Pennington Low Adviser
Lorien Page
Ramsis Emperor
antwan2.0 Page
Devshaan (Lion) Template Lord
ASDS1234321 Squire
El Jay Page
Royal Kendor High Advisor
~Apokraphon Page of the Sky
julie SEEC Squire
Pontifex Maximus Page
King Reubooben Page of the Sky
Deutschland Squire
Danek's Empire Page
claretheevil Page
Deadpool Squire
jabell Squire
Lord Kreios The Eagle
BarrelGang Page
Max Montana Page of the Sky
ThePastaMasta Page
Qwex12 Low Advisor

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