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Clan: {W.U} Westeros United

Number of members: 30
Created: 2/20/2015

Bio: Hello everyone and welcome to the {W.U} Westeros United clan page.
Here we all share one thing in common, a love for the Asoiaf universe, whether your knowledge is limited to one season or you can recite the entire history from the dawn of time we all have a love for some part of it.

The clan was founded by Atlas and San1 notably on 02/20/2015, Since then the clan has went through its ups and downs, leadership changed hands several times but it is now back into the hands of her creator.

{W.U} is run by a group of 5 individuals who act as the council for the clan, involved in all aspects from recruiting new individuals to creating and playing games for the clan and for those outside of the clan.

We are pleased to announce that we are recruiting again from games hosted by {W.U}. If you have any questions regarding joining the clan feel free to contact Atlas the Clan leader.

Clan Higherarchy
💥Hedge Knight
💥Landed Knight
💥High Lord

Clan Member Title
MicManderly 💥Squire
Pompper 💥Squire
{W.U} Francisco Corral 💥Squire
{W.U} Bnadem 💥Squire
{W.U} Alasdair Muir 💥Squire
VUV 💥Squire
coyb 💥Squire
ZODIC837 💥Squire
Lord Bomber 💥Squire
{W.U} Lady Anastasia 💥Squire
{W.U} san1 💥Squire
Niobium2 💥Squire
{W.U} Lyu 💥Squire
Bradley Martens ✨Council
Dboss1495 💥Squire
{N.W} Atlas Blackfyre 👑King
Eldridge 💥Squire
desert_fox 💥Squire
Ser Grim 💥Squire
{W.U} Snow Buddy 💥Squire
Lord Matthias
Robert Mormont ✨Council
TyrionM 💥Squire
Stannis Baratheon 💥Squire
{W.U.} Haney 💥Squire
Tetrium Hand of The King
Syndic 💥Squire
{W.U} Burpman70 💥Squire
{W.U.} MadZen ✨Council

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