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Clan: VS

Number of members: 17
Tagline: VS is as VS does...
Created: 7/3/2015

Bio: We are Clan VS! What does it stand for? Not even we know for sure, but we do know what we're about:

- We are about playing Warlight with our clan-mates in a fun social atmosphere. No drama, no politics.
- We are about playing Warlight well. 1v1, team games, leagues & tournaments - We play them all & we play to win!
- We are about supporting our clan-mates - they are a good group of people from all over the world.

- We are not about growing the VS Clan just for the sake of growing it. We are always willing to add new members if they seem well suited to our philosophy, and if we like them. So, if you want to join, get to know one (or more) of us. All prospective members must be sponsored by an existing member, and that only happens if you know them well. It may take time, but once you are a member of VS, you will see that it was totally worth it...
If a VS member sponsors you for membership, it will be discussed in the VS Clan Chat, and you'll be invited to several games with clan members, which will be followed by a vote. If 70% or more support you, you will be invited to join us! If not, your sponsor will let you know why - it's not fair to leave you hanging.

Attributes we value:
- Competence. Winning is not everything, but remember, we are competitive. Win rates are not a primary factor, but if yours suck, you will need to demonstrate some other compelling attributes. :-)
- Low boot rate. We don't have a specific requirement, but single digits are nice.
- Team mentality. If you are the sort who surrenders without asking your teammates, or wanders away because your position in a game sucks, even though your teammates are doing well, then please don't apply. We are all excellent team players, and when playing team games, team wins are all that matter.
- Be fun. We do this for fun. Make a joke, take a joke, but do not be hurtful.

VS In-Clan Challenge Season I

1vs1 Strategic Greece Winner: Private Pabse
2vs2 Gelvien Islands Winners: INSIDE, Gibson
3vs3 Large skyrim Winners: Doga,rocky1,INSIDE

Clan Member Title
rocky1 Vicious Sicko
INSIDE Vertical Solution
Kosmos Valorous Soldier
Varroa DeStructor Valar morghuliS
vicnus Vengeful Sociopath
Gummy Valiant Strategist
Private Pabse Vrefugees Swelcome
DemHunt(UA) Vehemently Stingy
Mayor Sonnen Vanishing Sorcerer
steve1513 Very Sketchy
DarrenDieHard Virtual Superstar
Jnadeau13 Viciously Sarcastic
snafu Very Slow
tobe Vascillating Shaman
Gibson Vacuous Strategy
xenocalibur Vital Sign
Killian Virulent Scorpion

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