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Clan: Creative Cloud

Number of members: 28
Tagline: CC
Created: 1/1/2016

Bio: Our player requirements are:
1- Minimum games played: 50
2- Low boot rate: 6%
3- 1v1 win rate: 50%

If you wish to join, PM dauti.
Our focus points are:
1- Small Earth
2- Commanders
3- Multi-attack games
4- Games with all cards

We are a fun and friendly clan. We like to play both single player games and team games, and we like to win. We use clan tournaments as a tool to improve the win rates of our members, with experienced players giving our new members tips to help improve their game-play and strategy.

If you don't meet all our pre-requisites, but still wish to join Creative Cloud, invite each of our lead players to a game: cookie, huddyj, Алексей, and dauti. You do not have to win these games, but we can use them as a tool to assess the level of value you might add to our clan.

Players obligated to decrease their boot rates. Jammyb'stard, iiFlamingIcicle, zenek.

Our ladder teams
3 v 3 ladder with Rudolpha026, mobtrio, and Aste: Best rating ever achieved: 1629. Best rank ever achieved: 8th

Map Creators; dauti, huddyj.

Community Levels Creators; Алексей, cookie, an annoyance, zenek, iiFlamingIcicle.

Retired Members: upsidaysi, Mario95, Nierf, Sir Aramis, StamGR, and Van Quish

Clan Member Title
cookie Leader
Алексей Bomber
huddyj Small Earth Coach
Rudolpha026 The Boi
Огњен Ladder King
Golebievicus Achievements Master
Jakob Weissler Champion
dauti Best Commander
RecMart Peerless
L'OSCI Napoleon
mobtrio Team leader
fred The Monster
SL Unbeatable
Buntii Fabulous
LateHit Veteran
The Who Hotshot
hotTomato Lava
Turkey Retired
Pantelas Emperor
Killer101 Assassin
Etienne Exotic
Minos Glorious
zenek Fantastic
Aste Retired
Pabl0 Delicate
DavidHelmick Flash
iiFlamingIcicle Visionary
iyoyo5 Staunch

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