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Clan: Coco Jumbo

Number of members: 10
Tagline: Coco jumbo, man. It's fucking great.
Created: 2/26/2016

Bio: From the urbandictionary:

1. Adjective describing something superb, excellent, perfect.

2. Something done and confirmed. Similar expressions: got it, confirmed, accepted, fine, I'm fine with that.

It is quite a laugh to use that word, as it comes from Mr President or whatever song.
- What'ya think of that project I did last night?
- Coco jumbo, man. It's fucking great.

{x} - Current player rank considering in-clan tournaments.
[S.O] - Special Ops.

Clan Member Title
Lord of War Strategic Manager{1}
Caesar El Patron{2}
[Coco] K.O.F [S.O] Leader{3}
Nebuchadnezzar Coyote [S.O]{4}
[Coco] lbahen The Spring [S.O]{5}
Matan Zulti Ahithophel{9}
Aegon Targaryen El Patron Jr.{8}
Roi Nizinski AI(was Roi Niz.){7}
OG Burnt Viking{6}
king tal Tiny Monkey

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