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Clan: International Bunny Squad

Number of members: 17
Tagline: うさぎUsagi
Created: 3/26/2016

Bio: As we bunnies sit; our fingers curled.
We thinks of ways to rule the world.
With our carrots and incredible ears.
Beware when the bunnies are near.

We plot revenge with pea sized brains.
With minature tanks and little toy planes.
Holding all the innocence of a cute little rabbit.
We unleash upon you our evil habits.

With the thump of our feet we begin the attack.
You better run; we might want a snack.
Here comes reinforcements a battalion of bunnies.
You shouldn't have laughed this isn't funny.

Not long now, say your prayers.
Dont close your eyes, we're in your nightmares.
Run away while you still can.
For it's all a part of the master plan.

As we bunnies sit; our fingers curled.
We thinks of ways to rule the world.

Don't find us, we'll find you.

Managers: Fairplay Bunny (Founder) and Cookie Bunny

Former: Bugs Bunny

Clan Member Title
Bunny Funsize Midget Bunny
Wind Bunny Fall Fever
Kawaii Bunny Meme Bunny
Dead bunny R.I.P
Playboy Bunny Very Sexy Bunny
Fire Bunny Burning Bunny
Yeah Bunny No!
Penguin Bunny Probably Jefferspoon
Thunder Bunny Krackle Pop!
Earth Bunny Globalism
Jungle Bunny Tarzanian Bunny
Gloomy (The Bunny Rabbit)
Carrot Bunny Healthy Bunny
Magic Bunny The Medium
Strange Bunny Awkward Bunny
Darthh Bunny Not your father
Spider bunny Spiders are scary

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