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Clan: Meme Club

Number of members: 28
Tagline: Dank Memes give you Dank Dreams
Created: 7/28/2016

Bio: Welcome to the Meme Club!
We pride ourselves on being a clan that openly embraces memes.
Most of our players here are common diplomacy player but are open to Team and FFA games.

Governor: Highest Possible Position before Authority
Congress: Very High Position
City Council: Kinda High
Mayor: Medium
Citizen: Low

Creator: MakeWarlightGreatAgain
President: Donald Trump
Minister: Blake Shox

1) Please don't be an asshat in the clan forums.
2) Have Fun please!
3) If you want any members to join just ask me to invite them.
4) Every week or two we have elections for president, 1st President: King_Bradford, 2nd President (Current): Donald Trump.
1) Be level 30+
2) Be able to speak English
3) Apply to either MakeWarlightGreatAgain to join the clan, you will be evaluated and if you are accepted we will reply and invite you.
Level 40+ is automatic Mayor
Level 45+ is automatic Senator
Level 50+ is automatic Congress

Clan Member Title
LeHappyMerchant (Retired) Congress
NeedsMoreMemes Congress
Spinoza Congress
Lucky (8408300) Mayor
Edlasking City Council
ixaCRO Mayor
卐420th Reich卐 City Council
Myg Citizen
Emperor Dark Citizen
KaiserChief Citizen
Bob Citizen
JAH2001 Citizen
Blake Shox Minister
Bangers n Mash City Council
Donald Trump President!
Jason1049 Citizen
i3axap Citizen
WaiattoIchinose Mayor
Otvyazhis Mayor
moish Citizen
Omikron Mayor
Beggo Citizen
Ctrl_it Citizen
Racer512 City Council
noobBoob Citizen
Niko Bellic Awesome
fsdfz Citizen

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