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Clan: Legio Invictus

Number of members: 24
Tagline: Tittles in the clan, level by level...
Created: 8/25/2016

Bio: 1-20 - Tirones ("greenies", new members)
21-30 - Munifex (ranker)
31-40 - Legionarius
41-50 - Decurio
51-60 - Centurio
61-70 - {Primi Ordines} (see the table!) --> Primus Pilus, (Primus) Princeps, Hastatus, Princeps Posterios and Hastatus Posterior
71-78 - {...} Pilus Prior --> Secundus, Tertius, Quartus, Quintus, Sextus, Septimus, Octavus, Nonus and Decimus
78-80 - Primus Pilus (the "first spear") --> l
Lord of the other 9 Pilus Priors
81-90 - Tribuni Angusticlavii (5 military tribunate of chivalric order)
91-100 - Prefectus Castrorum (the third member in the hierarchy of the roman army; only ex-Primus Pilus can be one!)
101-110 - Legatus Legionus (the general commander of the legion; the Imperator himself should nominate him!)
111-120 - Legatus (the General of the army)
121-130 - Dux (Senior Officer)
Imperator (Caesar) --> Ser Arthur Dayne, Sword of the Morning ("clan-chief")

vexillifer = the person who bears the legion's symbol

Clan Member Title
Citroën Centurio
Time you Die! Centurio
Brian Coughlan Centurio
PULSAR Centurio
Chaos JR Centurio
TheVigilante Centurio
Cheddar Ball Centurio
Ser Arthur Dayne {Sword of the Morning} Imperator (Caesar)
DarthValdo Decurio
19Bran Decurio
Roman emperor Decurio
Zork Decurio
The Peacekeeper Legionarius
Montrek Legionarius
thm974 Legionarius
Esteflan Legionarius
Yakob Legionarius
Csaba Rikk Munifex
Arun Velayutham Munifex
radonom Tirone
Csanád Balogh Tirone - Vexillifer
Siren Tirone
Tintin Tirone
James Tiberius Kirk Tirone

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