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Clan: Legio Invictus

Number of members: 22
Tagline: Tittles in the clan, level by level...
Created: 8/25/2016

Bio: 1-20 - Tirones ("greenies", new members)
21-30 - Munifex (ranker)
31-40 - Legionarius
41-50 - Decurio
51-60 - Centurio
61-70 - {Primi Ordines} (see the table!) --> Primus Pilus, (Primus) Princeps, Hastatus, Princeps Posterios and Hastatus Posterior
71-78 - {...} Pilus Prior --> Secundus, Tertius, Quartus, Quintus, Sextus, Septimus, Octavus, Nonus and Decimus
78-80 - Primus Pilus (the "first spear") --> l
Lord of the other 9 Pilus Priors
81-90 - Tribuni Angusticlavii (5 military tribunate of chivalric order)
91-100 - Prefectus Castrorum (the third member in the hierarchy of the roman army; only ex-Primus Pilus can be one!)
101-110 - Legatus Legionus (the general commander of the legion; the Imperator himself should nominate him!)
111-120 - Legatus (the General of the army)
121-130 - Dux (Senior Officer)
Imperator (Caesar) --> Ser Arthur Dayne, Sword of the Morning ("clan-chief")

vexillifer = ensign

Clan Member Title
Citroën Centurio
Time you Die! Centurio
Chaos JR Centurio
TheVigilante Centurio
PULSAR Centurio
Cheddar Ball Centurio
Ser Arthur Dayne {Sword of the Morning} Imperator (Caesar)
Brian Coughlan Decurio
DarthValdo Decurio
19Bran Decurio
Zork Decurio
The Peacekeeper Legionarius
thm974 Legionarius
Montrek Legionarius
Yakob Legionarius
Esteflan Munifex
Arun Velayutham Tirone
radonom Tirone
Csanád Balogh Tirone - Vexillifer
Siren Tirone
Tintin Tirone
James Tiberius Kirk Tirone

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