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Clan: Imperial Dynasty

Number of members: 30
Tagline: The power of the Empire, Is the power to Rule.
Created: 11/3/2016

Bio: Welcome to the Dynasty. The main focus of our clan will be RP Diplomacy games. We do tournaments, however participation is fully voluntary.

We're a very active, closely-knit clan that is looking for new members! PM Domogoto201 or Daniel to join.

Our clan is a set up of the Holy Roman empire. The Name of our nation is: The Anastorian empire

Join Requirements
-level 15
-Boot rate 35%
-Active at least once a week


His Divine Imperial Majesty Domogoto The First,
holy and pure, supreme ruler of the holy
Anastoria and all her holdings.

Emperors Council
● ZoNun
● Username2099

Imperial Crown Prince of the empire
♧ GeorgeWKush

♤ Daniel
♡ Username2099

○ Joseph_Jr
○ Erich Honecker
○ Zonun

Grand Dukes
¤ Nickjones12113
¤ Apipi
¤ EQReport
¤ Autumn Northwind

■ FatFuzzyPotato
■ Suhail Singh
■ Amsel
■ Neo-Byzantium

▪ Lucille the Vampire Bat
▪ Alexios Komnenos
▪ Darrenhass
▪ Fluxive

* Erik Wölffe
* Lord Veil
* Edgy Turtle
* Lord Veil
* Dynastyz
* Kakorat859
* [Comrade_Ored.] NationInvasion
* Uniquename123
* Proadone

Initiates (Won't be invited to clan games, not allowed to post on forums)
• The One
• Strucks
• thiccpoon
• tt532

Clan Member Title
Daniel King-Elector
Domogoto201 Anastorian Emperor
ZoNuN Minister
Apipi Grand Duke
DarrenHaas Count
Dynastyz Baron
𝓐utumn 𝓝orthwind (Previously Maknovchina) Grand Duke
Edgy turtle Baron
Fluxive Count
Lucille the Vampire Bat Count
nickjones12113 Grand Duke
GeorgeWKush Imperial Prince
The One Initiate
[Comrade_Ored.] NationInvasion Baron
Fat Fuzzy Potato Duke
Lord Veil Baron
Username2099 Administrator
Erich Honecker Prince-Elector
Suhail Singh Duke
Neo-Byzantium Duke
Amsel Duke
Joseph_Jr Prince-Elector
Proadone Baron
EQReport Grand Duke
Strucks Initiate
Kakorat859 Baron
Alexios Komnenos Count
Erik Wölffe Baron
uniquename123 Baron
tt532 initiate

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