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Clan: Pichu's Magnetic Orchestra

Number of members: 11
Tagline: Magnetic Superband~
Created: 11/12/2016

Bio: We are a young and strong talented group of artists looking to compete in clan events such as clan wars and other clan competitions. We are looking for members. You are invited to join this clan providing you meet most of these requirements:

1: If you know or are friends with Pichu. (Not as important.)
2: Have a 1v1 win rate of at least 50%, as well as reasonable team stats.
3: Speak English well enough that people can communicate with you in team games.

Yes, alts are allowed in this clan. Message Pichu if you want to apply to this clan.

When we gain a certain amount of members, we will be ready to compete in friendly clan wars.

Also if you see this Apollo, just wanted to say good morning!


Default Title is Artist, for those who have not asked for a title.

Clan Member Title
scandalous squire Trumpet
Angry AI Pianist
Mouse of IRGE Percussionist
OGPaulaDean420 Artist
Peruvian Combat Lama
Li'l Pichu Apprentice Percussionist
Bad Serbian Artist
Mouse Vocals
Shovel Knight
AJ Styles Guitarist
billy the sheep Artist

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