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Clan: [#Elite!]

Number of members: 4
Tagline: Si vis pacem, para bellum
Created: 12/1/2016

Bio: When elephants fight it is always the grass to remain crushed.

• Achievements

--Golden Trophies:

- 1v1 ladder: 2
- 2v2 ladder: 4
- 3v3 ladder: 2
- Real Time ladder: 1
- Create a beautiful map: 1

Totally: 10

• Recruitment

- Only main accounts / No noobs
- No GG supporters / No Uranus supporters
- No Cuttlefishes, Molluscs, Squids

We recruit highly skilled players. If you feel you meet our standards and wish to be part of our team, then feel free to contact any of us who you have played with before by mail or by creating a game.

• Contact

For matters concerning [#Elite!], clan league and other clan events, talk to Belzebutt.

Clan Member Title
Belzebù - サタン Negus
Rambo Ras Betwadad
RA Meridazmach
Thánatos Degiasmacc

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