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Clan: Aeronautics Club

Number of members: 15
Tagline: Just Jump
Created: 12/9/2016

Bio: Welcome to Aeronautics Club! This michigan based clan is all about dark jokes of any kind, and if you can join the tournies, then that's good. If not, you get deranked. We are open to everyone.

3rd Floor Jumper- highest of the high. make up the Clan Council.
2nd Floor Jumper- More privileges than 1st Floor Jumpers
1st Floor Jumper- lowest rank.

Clan Member Title
DarthYoda 1st Floor Jumper
Cataclysm *3rd Floor Jumper
Solo Killer 2nd Floor Jumper
On My Way To Pet Your Pup *3rd Floor Jumper
Trey 1st Floor Jumper
The Night Vale Militia *3rd Floor Jumper
Peppe II 2nd Floor Jumper
warman222 2nd Floor Jumper
Sean The Savage *3rd Floor Jumper
DrGiratina 2nd Floor Jumper
Riskykittenz 2nd Floor Jumper
The Fire Nation 1st Floor Jumper
Wilkinop 1st Floor Jumper
Logan Lopus 1st Floor Jumper
Ken Jeong Un 1st Floor Jumper

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