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Clan: Brothers in Arms

Number of members: 17
Tagline: No amount of planning will ever replace dumb luck.
Created: 10/8/2013

Bio: We are a group of friendly/reliable players who focus primarily on multi-day tournament play. If you are interested in joining then please set up a game with Botanator, DrummingManiac1, Piper or Bigby. Looking for players with at least the following stats:
Overall win% = 50% minimum
Boot rate 8% or less - you MUST be reliable
At least 500 games played and/or 200 days in WL
And finally, a nice friendly attitude and willingness to communicate and be a good team player...

Clan Member Title
Robert E Lee Tetovo, Macedonia
Botanator Rollinsville, Co.
Nordic Rovaniemi, Finland
Febo Lima, Peru
tartan1314 Edinburgh, Scotland
Vanguard Schweinfurt, Germany
Gajda Bukowno, Poland
DrummingManiac1 Libby, Montana
Piper London, Ontario
rlhull6 Chicago, Illinois
Bigby Arlington, Texas
[BIA] crom Boston, Mass.
Booba Paris, France
roaring rabbit Limassol, Cyprus
Salad Poznan, Poland
Springbok Amsterdam, Nether.
Krol Julian Swidnica, Poland

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