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Clan: The Seven Kingdoms

Number of members: 78
Created: 3/16/2017

Bio: Welcome milord and lady, to The Seven Kingdoms clan page. We are a clan that is formed by a common love: roleplaying. Here we mostly RP in the Asoiaf/GoT universe, but we are not so narrow-minded as to ignore other roleplaying opportunities. Clan games are a way for the clan to interact, recruit members, and a way to earn higher ranks in the kingdom. The Kingdom also hosts a discord chat for interaction, as well as decisions by the higher ups.

We are currently under the rule of the Ice King, King Ice; First King of TSK.

The Role of Kings:
TSK Ice - First King. The Ice King.
TSK Steen - Second King. The Blood King.
TSK Ice - First King. The Ice King.

This is a clan made for two reasons: 1. To ensure and protect the enjoyment of this game for all players, so that they may relax, enjoy, and build lasting friendships. 2. To enhance the game through advance templates and new maps, always striving to aim higher.

Our Clan is primarily united on a Discord Server, where games are planned and friendships are made. Come check us out sometime.

If you are a clan that wants to organize a tournament, clan game, or speak to leadership; contact both the Master of Games and the Master of Whisperers (Diplomat for the Clan).

If you have any issues with any of our members contact the Hand or the Master of Black.

If you are interested in joining the clan, contact the Master of Interior.

House Winter - Highlord Dracarys
Members - 13
Words -
Awards - None

House Thunder - Highlord Mio Rioghain
Members - 13
Words -
Awards - None

House Scorpion - Highlord Swing
Members - 13
Words -
Awards - None

House Flowers- Highlady Damia
Members - 14
Words -
Awards - None

House Eagle - Highlord Stefan
Members - 13
Words -
Awards - None

Clan Member Title
Fleecemaster Squire - Thunder
korelajacky Squire - Flowers
TamaneJavor Squire - Flowers
leakim_j Squire - Thunder
Garrett C McArthur Warden - Flowers
Stoner_Toaster Squire - Flowers
Ricky Norris Squire - Thunder
Donald J. Trump Lord of Flowers
~TSK~ Lulu Warden - Thunder
HK-47 Master of Games
[DARVARKe] SkyWolf Recruit - Houseless
{N.W.} mick1299 Squire - Thunder
Black Butler
~TSK~ JulesLeInvicta Master of Interior
Miss Independant Warden - Flowers
Solomon Grungy Recruit - Houseless
Dracarys Highlord of Winter
BeepBeepImAJeep Recruit - Eagle
Cabbage Merchant Lord of Eagles
Zeka Squire - Scorpion
Mr. GraveLolztheLord Master of Whisperers
V A P O R W A V E Master of Laws
Emporer Augustin I Noble - Scorpion
Sam Irons Squire - Winter
Stalemeister Recruit - Houseless
Fallen Samurai [TPRI] Recruit - Houseless
Damia Rose Highlady of Flowers
~TSK~ Vorian Squire - Thunder
Svartsot Lord of Scorpions
First Ranger Black Recruit - Winter
Pierre LeMoyne d'Iberville Recruit - Houseless
WombRaider Recruit - Houseless
{TSK} Mór Ríoghain Highlord of Thunder
KyoukoChan Knight - Winter
Silce Knight - Flowers
HAMBUTTFACE EMPIRE Recruit - Houseless
lijert Squire - Winter
John John Johnson Squire - Scorpion
~TSK~ Yang Mi Noble - Winter
Tecka Squire - Winter
Dmoore30702 Squire - Scorpion
Twin City Empire Knight - Scorpion
Sergeant Subtle Recruit - Houseless
Scarlett Evony Recruit - Flowers
Erik The Green Recruit - Houseless
Dr. Killa Master of Black
skinnyjosh Squire - Scorpion
~TSK~ Stefan Highlord of Eagles
Nikephoros Phocas (was J. Quicksliver) Squire - Eagle
John Bar Knight - Flowers
Ethan Warden - Thunder
Ser Arthur Dayne Squire - Eagle
~TSK~ SteenB11 The Hand (2.K)
Daemon of House Knight - Eagle
Fortitudo Grand Maester
Lord Leonidas Squire - Eagle
Wise Highlord of Scorpion
Brandon Squire - Winter
Gaja [Oye Como Va] Noble - Winter
redstarsldr Recruit - Houseless
Emerlin Squire - Eagle
Wesley "The Dread Pirate" Roberts Knight - Flowers
zane Squire - Flowers
oddbob60 Noble - Winter
Luke Getry Squire - Scorpion
Maxcool175 Squire - Scorpion
Carolus Rex Recruit - Houseless
ARADPLAUG Noble - Eagle
~TSK~DaggerFailz Squire - Flowers
~TSK~ Ice The King
~TSK~ Jonesy Squire - Winter
~TSK~ Drkhrse Squire - Flowers
Kramer Squire - Scorpion
Dultect 12 Squire - Winter
Cú Chulainn

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