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Clan: The Seven Kingdoms

Number of members: 59
Created: 3/16/2017

Bio: Welcome milord and lady, to The Seven Kingdoms clan page. We are a clan that is formed by a common love: roleplaying. Here we mostly RP in the Asoiaf/GoT universe, but we are not so narrow-minded as to ignore other roleplaying opportunities. Clan games are a way for the clan to interact, recruit members, and a way to earn higher ranks in the kingdom. The Kingdom also hosts a discord chat for interaction, as well as decisions by the higher ups.

We are currently under the rule of King Alexander Ice, The Ice King, First of His Name, Protector of the Realm, King of the Andals and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, in the first month of our majesty's rule.

The first four laws of his majesty, regarding entry to the Seven Kingdoms, states this: Those who wish to enter the Seven Kingdoms must be respectful of the King, The Hand, The Small Council, The Lord Paramounts and other noble lords, as well as the regular peasants and hedge knights. They must also be respectful of each person's playing style, regardless of bias. The said person who wishes to join the Seven Kingdoms, must have a history of being active in games and not being booted. Lastly, the Seven Kingdoms do not wish to have any relations with those who tactical boot/are generally a bastard.

The Clan Rules, as stated by the supreme ruler of the Seven Kingdoms, states this: Leave all emotions during a game, when the game ends. Conflict outside of the game should not carry over to the discord, or to another clan game. Be respectful of the council's decisions, any disagreements should be made privately to the council. Help each other out, and help improve the clan game as best as one can. Lastly, each person should respect those above them. They were put there for a reason: experience, good roleplaying skills, etc.

To join, please wait for Clan Recruitment games hosted by the small council, as well as personal invitations. Any questions can be sent to the King.

The King
The Hand
Small Council
Lord Paramounts

Clan Member Title
TamaneJavor Hedge Knight
Garrett C McArthur Hedge Knight
[DARVARKe] SkyWolf Hedge Knight
Ricky Norris Hedge Knight
Miss Independant Hedge Knight
OnlyThePie Lord Commander of RP
Dracarys Sellsword
Mr. GraveLolztheLord Lord Paramount
Boris_the_pizza_chef Hedge Knight
Thug life
~TSK~ Vorian Sellsword
Stalemeister Hedge Knight
Emporer Augustin I Noble
First Ranger Black Hedge Knight
Pierre LeMoyne d'Iberville Knight
Erebus Caligulae Sellsword
KyoukoChan Knight
Sam Irons Knight
~TSK~ Yang Mi Master of Laws
Tecka Hedge Knight
lijert Knight
Dmoore30702 Sellsword
Twin City Empire Hedge Knight
Nikephoros Phocas (was J. Quicksliver) Hedge Knight
Stimme Hedge Knight
Sergeant Subtle Sellsword
Dr. Killa Lord
Ethan Master of Whisperers
~TSK~ SteenB11 Master of the Black
Erik The Green Hedge Knight
John Bar Knight
Phil Hedge Knight
TheLowlandKing Hedge Knight
Wise Hedge Knight
Silce Hedge Knight
Brandon Hedge Knight
Daemon of House Sellsword
Lord Hallighan Hedge Knight
Henri Polo Hedge Knight
Soviet Dath217 Sellsword
Wesley "The Dread Pirate" Roberts Sellsword
zane Hedge Knight
Maxcool175 Hedge Knight
oddbob60 Master of Games
Devastater Hedge Knight
~TSK~ Jonesy Hedge Knight
Carolus Rex Sellsword
~TSK~ Ice King of TSK
redstarsldr Hedge Knight
Dultect 12 Sellsword
~TSK~ Stefan Master of Roles
Luke Getry Sellsword
Greywolf Hedge Knight
~TSK~ Drkhrse Hedge Knight
Aegon Hedge Knight
~TSK~ Rhaegar Hedge Knight
Lord Leonidas Hedge Knight

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