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Clan: Time Lords of Gallifrey

Number of members: 44
Tagline: Gallifrey Falls No More
Created: 12/17/2013

Bio: If you want to join, contact Josh C
We are always looking for new members

Clan Leader: Bmoneypad- mainly inactive
Clan Leader: Josh c
time lord recruiter: looking for a recruiter.
Council Member: looking for council members
Council Member: looking for council members
Council Member: looking for council members
Council Member: looking for council members
Council Member: looking for council members

Laws of Gallifrey:
1) Must be respectful to other clan members
2) Must be active and gain points (vacations respected)
3) Must not back-stab, lie or deceive other clan members
4) Higher level Time Lords are encouraged to participate in training lower level players
5) Council Members are replaced on every Solstice and Equinox
6) All clan members inactive for 60 or more days may be removed from the clan. If removed members want to rejoin the clan, they will be able to rejoin upon request from the time lord recruiter
7) The council will include Bmoneypad/josh c, 1 Time Lord Recruiter, and 5 other members

Clan Member Title
Clementine Time Lord
Cobra Time Lord
TazzMz Time Lord
Evil Doctor Purple Time Lord
.Malc Time lord
Ben_Kem Time Lord
narkboy Time Lord
Kahlua Time Lord
Grey Poupon Time Lord
Bean Time Lord
Avalarion Time Lord
The Cyber-Controller The Cyber-Controller
Warwolf595 Time Lord
ZoakaWildcard Time Lord
Fallen Angel Time Lord
josh c Time Lord Leader
Praetor Skitarii Time Lord Recruiter
uri Time Lord
Jazz It Up
Ben The Philosopher
Sir Peeeeeeter The Guardian
Mole Time Lord
I suck at this game Time Lord
WTFawkes Time Lord
Leslie Knope Time Lord
darealklatch Time Lord
Lord William Lannister Time Lord
neotony13 Time Lord
strax Time Lord
Neyms Time Lord
lwt Time Lord
Cam the not-so-great Time Lord
hailstorm324 The Thinker
.Biohazard Time Lord
Timothy Warren Time Lord
DukeofWar Time Lord
Cyberdalek Time Lord
Rebek Time Lord
VLH Time Lord
JordynShark Time Lord
Cavin Time Lord
Angel Bob

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