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Clan: Voodoo princes

Number of members: 2
Tagline: Anime, games, sleep. Repeating it...
Created: 12/19/2013

Bio: We are a pair of former classmates, fellow teammates and inteligent weirdos. We don't want anybody else to join our clan. We don't care who you are or what you have done. It's nothing personal, we just don't fucking want anybody else to join our super epic clan. Please don't contact us with the intention of joining us, because it could have fatal consequences. One of us is originally Szayelaporro Granz who wouldn't hesitate to kill you using his Voodoo ability if you bothered. And believe me, it would be very painful...

Clan Member Title
[*Voo*] tomn555 The Voo
[*Voo*] Hafo The Doo

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