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Clan: League of Nations

Number of members: 23
Tagline: Many nations, one vision.
Created: 2/2/2014

Bio: Welcome to the League of Nations home page for WarLight!

The LN is currently undergoing serious changes to restore it to its former glory.
Our clan specializes in playing as well as creating roleplay based diplomacy games.
If you would like to be in the clan, mail [LN] Lion, FrancoPadini or Pablo Garcia

Requirements to join:
-Be interested in roleplaying diplomatic games.
-You must be respectful to other WarLight members at all times.
-You must have had a WarLight account for at least 1 month.
-You must have a boot rate lower than 25%, exceptions can be made, but are not frequent.
-You must have played at least 100 games.

Each player represents a nation that has existed at some point in time.

If you have had an experience with one of our players in which they displayed improper conduct, please contact any member of the clan via mail with a link to the game, and they will inform the rest of the clan.

Clan Member Title
Steve Slovakia
[ESP] Pablo García Spain
[LN] Lion Pakistan*
KD3 Armenia
Cliff_Burton Bulgaria
[LN]Il Principe India
[L.N.] The Dolphin Canada
[LN] KitKat
Nandios Portugal
Tyrone Japan*
León Valido Ukraine
Komrade Karl Russia*
Aerburne Switzerland
[UN]Pickledegg62 Retired
[LN] BML0309 Vietnam
Wilhelm-Rufus Germany
[LN] 8th Road Army China*
Corentin New Zealand
[LN]greendeath Retired*
[UN] Fusion20 China (Taiwan)
{CORP} Genghis Ron Turkey
[LN]Kyger Cuba
FrancoPadini II Argentina

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