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Clan: Vitrix Mortalis

Number of members: 219
Tagline: Long Live the Empire - LLTE
Created: 2/4/2014

Bio: The Optional Participation Community

Dedicated to improving Warlight for our members,
Members choose how much they want to participate in community provided game play & activities,
More you get involved the more fun you will have.

Requirements: Minimum 50 games
Contact |{>ROME<}|Cornelius to request a invitation.

VM use's a ranking system based on participation,
This is made into three ranks and two sections,

Auxillia, members are placed here after joining,
Less active/less participating section of the clan,
They are Invited to tournaments and games only involving the entire clan and completely optional.

Legionary, Part of the active/participating section,
They are Auxillia who have chosen to join a Legion,
Participating in Legion games and other activities.

Legati, Part of the active/participating section,
They are Auxillia or Legionary's who applied to become a Legati in Castra with Leadership Approval
They Lead Legions and democratically run the clan.

All members have the right to join and leave Legions from or to Auxillia when they wish.

Additional information regarding ranks, rules etc. are in the Imperial Doctrine V2 in clan forum.

Leadership & Roles-
Emperor - Cornelius
Dux - Kur
Dominus -
Head Legati -

Legions and Legati -

Legion Victrix- Raforce
Legion Apollo- Altair

Current Legion members total -
Details on Legions on Castra thread in clan forum.

Invitations will be revoked after 5 days,
Members inactive over 100 days will be kicked.

Clan Member Title
ViliKwaKwa Auxillia
aeco03 Auxillia
gdofwar Fulminata Legionary
NapoleonIV Auxillia
cj Auxillia
krasevec Auxillia
PTN HLO Auxillia
Alucard Auxillia
sonba Auxillia
Eranshahr Auxillia
KALLS Auxillia
Roman Auxillia
Kylar Stern Auxillia
Unchartedplaces Auxillia
ddrvv Auxillia
wday4066 Auxillia
someoneelse Auxillia
Darth Stalin Auxillia*
ShuShi Auxillia
alac Auxillia
Mirto Palatini
raforce Mercury Legionary
safetyman Auxillia
Lakai713 Auxillia
mYLE Auxillia
PiGleT oF eVil Auxillia
Archangel Sol Legionary
Lord Nespereira Auxillia
GoPro Auxillia
Killface Auxillia
Marjan Auxillia
porfirogenet Auxillia
DrN00b Britannia Legionary
UnstoppableStreletsy Mortus Legati
kasper Auxillia
berdan131 Pluto Legionary
arty14 Dominus Mercury
ratch Auxillia*
KirtashGinta Palatini
[ROME]FolgoreCZ Palatini
Zelev Mercury Legionary
Piep Auxillia
Decadere Auxillia
Francis Underwood Auxillia
Wings of Liberty Auxillia
woody1987 Auxillia
Veraghin Auxillia
Aron Auxillia
Arminius Emperor Fulminata
Vitor1234 Auxillia
edreed Auxillia
Spike Spiegel Palatini
andros Auxillia
ShinChen Auxillia
Amym Auxillia
Grimaldus Pluto Legionary
[ROME] ㅇㅈㅇ
Nero Auxillia
Mjollner Auxillia
JamieVardy Britannia Legionary
akA tkat Auxillia
HulkSmash Auxillia
CrispyNocab Auxillia
Duedu Auxillia*
Scipio Africanus Britannia Legionary
[ROME] Skara Palatini
Kur Dux Pluto
Lord of Santão Auxillia
Gaius Iulius Caesar Auxillia
[ROME]Carmellitta Fulminata Legionary
ذو القرنين [Cyrus the great] Auxillia
ssgtdave Auxillia
Johnny b Auxillia
Iabelle Inn Auxillia
Nihonium Auxillia
shabba Auxillia
Alex Jani Legionary
odanez Auxillia
king Auxillia
Wind Sage Auxillia
Scotto13 Auxillia
JohnTheGreat Auxillia
Altair Palatini
1DrDeath1 Sol Legionary
[ROME]Lia Palatini
King Isaake Auxillia
Hagoern Auxillia
Imperator Sol Legati
green machine Auxillia
Old Gregg Auxillia*
Birdboy Palatini
Hitsuji Auxillia
jeff Auxillia
|{>ROME<}|Cornelius Vesta Legati
Hirinjay Fulminata Legionary
㌹Nιиä.ﻹ~ Auxillia*
Wishin Auxillia
aiken thompson
gracsus Auxillia
[ROME]daigman Palatini
Homes Auxillia
Grim Auxillia
S Auxillia
Black Penguin Palatini
mr.alexanderrr Auxillia
[ROME]Stealth Palatini
AllEyezOnMe Gladius Legionary
Canadianbaconisn'tham Auxillia
Atakta Auxillia
Sergey Piatkovski Auxillia
arramplador Mercury Legionary
jholmes98 Britannia Legionary
Genghis Khan Auxillia*
Ziya Savaş Palatini
Belga Auxillia
Andrew Auxillia*
Blitzkrieg Auxillia
Vinney19 Germanorum Legionary
lawlaw0219 Mercury Legionary
SWalli 2.0 Auxillia
Tyrion Lannister Auxillia
Masa7304 Auxillia
BigBrother Auxillia*
Pax Lucis Pluto Legionary
Krabbeklo Auxillia*
Patrick Spens Auxillia
kevinkso Auxillia
Mario Auxillia
Captain Third reich Auxillia*
Alexander Simonov Auxillia
Panzer1805 Auxillia
Trajan Jani Legionary
RegalInfiltrator Pluto Legionary
Pete Auxillia
elpocoloco Auxillia
maleficent Auxillia
[ROME] Jake Frye Auxillia*
constantine Auxillia
Mitchell Groves Auxillia
Godiva Golding Auxillia
Gage Auxillia*
Singapore Auxillia
Mikethegreat Auxillia
DerKaiser Germanorum Legati
Khagan Mendalore Ferrata Legionary
Sextus Pompeius Magnus Pius Auxillia
odessit777 Auxillia
TheMachelit Auxillia
Milawss Germanorum Legionary
[ROME] Arsenic1118 Palatini
JoeSc Auxillia
Jayden Gladius Legionary
Ser Davos Seaworth Auxillia
Johan Lanka Matras Auxillia
The_Alchemist Auxillia
[TurkS] HkmTUnsL Auxillia*
sinned05 Gladius Legionary
Strostrofor Auxillia
evilelf Jani Legionary
Sam Leung Auxillia
Fifi Palatini
12456789765421312 Auxillia
Cain Auxillia
Shadow Auxillia*
The Recluse Britannia Legionary
Nelson Britannia Legati
Heimerdinger Auxillia
Mehmet Alper Basar Auxillia
mastermind2935 Auxillia
goumaister Auxillia
Scumdaddy Sr. Auxillia
The Quagga Auxillia
[ROME] xero Auxillia
Merida Auxillia
andrej97 Auxillia
Red Auxillia*
The Law Auxillia*
BooBooTheDoodo Auxillia*
NastyToeNail Auxillia
MrMoffinator Auxillia*
Cityblazer Jani Legati
Andreas Auxillia
Rhoninp Auxillia
Scipio Quintus Sertorius Auxillia
Bradman Auxillia
Britannia Auxillia
huzaifa Jani Legionary
Ognen Iloski Auxillia*
Lord Achilles Auxillia
General Burgoyne Auxillia
Emperor Kobias Auxillia
davey99 Auxillia
Potatoghost21 Auxillia
Sil3nt Auxillia
Igor Auxillia*
Arth Cena Auxillia
GodofDank Auxillia
[ROME] FlyingAce Palatini
[CE] Sebastian

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