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Clan: Stahlgewittern

Number of members: 23
Tagline: Etiam si omnes-ego non (Even if all others not I)
Created: 5/7/2014

Bio: C
It’s about a close knit team my story I will tell
Their name is the Bruins and in Boston town they dwell
C Am
Many a better man they left fumbling in the lurch
C Am Em Am
From the shores of the Pacific to the bells of the North Church

Lucic of the glorious race made many a gorgeous pass
If you don’t get out of his way, he’ll genocide your ass
He has one fist of iron and one fist of lead
Though not a biter, he’ll punch back of Burrows’ head

Big Z is the captain and he’s wanted in Quebec
Just Because a Canadien got better of this Czech
He is the tallest player from Tampa Bay up to Juno
But when he shaved his face, he looked just like Bruno

In the slums of the steel city, his parents sold their rings
So that a young American could live out his dreams
Though he made a gifted goalie and was soft spoken like a saint
He must have been color blind for he couldn’t see the paint

Horton was concusssed but he wasn’t out
They rallied and they fought and turned that game around
And then he brought the magic water from the Garden out
And underneath the Zambroni he did spill it out

The quest was never easy, but each team was undone
Each one of us dies alone, but we only win as one
And when the fog does swirl above our dirty Shore
Arise the ghosts of Hitchman, Dit, and Eddie Shore
C Em C F
They got the cup, they got the cup, brave and undaunted but they
got the cup
They got the cup, they got the cup, 25 games later but they got the cup

Clan Member Title
kevin#1 Republic of Georgia
Wise King Priam Of Troy The Southern Slav
farragut Sweet Virginia
kram Acadia
amerlafrance Rain Streets
Lord of Shadows Mordor, Middle Earth
Ƨillynamenace The First Rome
Mushimushi Polenta
Minh Le New Amsterdam
Doge Venice
Hypnotic Who am I?
The Duke of Ben Wormwood
Luke The Gravedigger The Old Country
Simplicio IronTower of Saladin
George Beantown
Honorable father Hi Dad!
Serjtz San Sebastian
Warbeard Coloni Orbis
Sea Green NwHampshireGrenadier
Dhambalah The Swede of Iberia
Zoom ZimZimaWhoGotdaBeema
Ebola Africa

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