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Clan: |GG|

Number of members: 18
Tagline: |GG| Good Gamers
Created: 9/23/2013

Bio: Good Gamers is a clan consisting of very good players, both in 1v1's and team games. We take actively part in clan competitions and other Warlight community events.

Our decision processes are democratic, with members having their say alongside our co-leaders.

▶ If you want to contact us about anything concerning events, clan league, clan battles or whatever. Please contact:

● Motoki - モトキ.

▶ If you like to join us. Please contact:

● Mifran

▶ You'll have to meet the following conditions:

● No alt allowed
● Active and very good player
● At least 500 ranked games
● Low Boot-rate
● Good reputation

▶ For all other complaints, please bother one of the following members:

● FlyingBender
● Ollie

▶ Special thanks: (Inactivity or half inactive)

● Aranka
● Braak
● Bzox
● Cieku
● Green Storm
● Julkorn
● Latnox
● Mablung
● MG
● Mosquitero
● Muten Rōshi
● Oliebol
● Orinocoflows
● Peixoto
● Robin Hood
● supersaiyan

▶ Added at the end of the Title, means:

L = Leader R = Recruiter A = Diplomatic Ambassador

Clan Member Title
MIFRAN MILFranoSaurusRex -R
Peixoto Retiring
FlyingBender FattyBurrito - L
Ollie Ollosaurus - L
Mike |GG| Jedi Master
BraaK BraaKosaurus
Ctrl Alt Delete ♦ ɌeLite ♦ CtrlAlt-ReX
Motoki - モトキ MotocoSaurus - A
Volcanoob The great extinction
JV JvRosaurusRex
MisterT T - Rex (easy one!)
[HL] Ko Kotosaurus
EZPickens ExperT-Rex
Orange Fruit - Rex
[HL] Fluk Tuation Flukuiraptor
[HL] nnn nnnanosaurus
The Window Cleaner The Windows Rex

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