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Cool new game setting?: 2/9/2011 16:06:03

Level 56
Who would be in favor of allowing a new option during the creation of a game that would make it so that any bonus that you receive from an area would have to be placed somewhere within that bonus, rather than always being able to place troops at the from line without delay.

I think that this is more realistic and would add another element to the game without complicating it any more.

If enough people are in favor i will eventually put it up on UserVoice. I just wanted to get some opinions on it.
Cool new game setting?: 2/9/2011 19:33:20

Level 9
I like both this idea, and the opposite idea where players can place their deployment in their teammate's territories as well as their own... Configurability is key, ofc :)

It would get a little micromanagey if it was a big game, like china or quad-earth, so that you'd have to spend a half hour just to get your deployments done if you were doing well in the end-game. Your idea would work much better for smaller maps.
Cool new game setting?: 2/9/2011 20:27:31

Level 56
Yes, i agree it would be better for smaller maps, which is part of the reason it would be nice for that to be an option while creating a map. I think that this would work well on maps like the world maps or battlefield maps.
Cool new game setting?: 2/10/2011 21:10:26

FBG - Gaspumper 
Level 15
I'd like a modified option of this- your bonus troops can only be placed in a territory that connects to the bonus, although that connection can pass through multiple territories as long as you control them all. This would eliminate the rogue army that rampages through an enemy with no obvious means of supply.
Posts 1 - 4 of 4   

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