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Adventure (Choice) Game: 7/15/2015 20:03:58

Tyrion Lannister
Level 54
Decided to make another one of these. Same idea- whoever puts an answer first, decides how the story turns. (However, my game will be a bit more complex, with food, and water being a neccesity.

Turn 1:

You wake up in a large, damp cavern. You remember nothing. All that exists in your head is a jumble of words. You remember what they mean, but not what they are- not what they look like...

Above there is a hole

You began to work towards the other end of a cavern. There are three passages. A note is scribbled on the wall: "Many have left, none have returned."

There is some moss on the wall, you have three days (turns) to live without finding food. There is a small pool in the cavern, so water should not be a problem.


A: Turn left Path. In the left path, you feel a slight warm breeze.
B: Turn Middle Path. The Middle Path turns downward, and is darker than the cavern.
C: Turn Right Path. The right path is the brightest, and you think you can feel the wind, but there seems to be a strange chill eminating from the rocks therein...
D: Stay and look around in the cavern.

Edited 7/15/2015 20:04:12
Adventure (Choice) Game: 7/15/2015 20:41:53

Major General Smedley Butler
Level 49
Adventure (Choice) Game: 7/15/2015 20:48:55

Level 52
Adventure (Choice) Game: 7/15/2015 21:39:10

Tyrion Lannister
Level 54
You follow the twisting path. Eventually, you come to a underground cove where you are clearly at the ocean. On the shore is a dead beast of the deep, looking something between a squid and a whale; it's about 80 feet long. The beach your on is about 600 feet long, and 30 feet wide. There are some strange symbols carved into the rock a few feet away. There's a fishing pole near a skeleton a few feet away. There is also a stream spouting from a rock.

A: Investigate the symbols.
B: Investigate the Beast of the Deep
C: Attempt to fish
D: Turn back to the main cavern.

There is fresh water nearby.

There are some raw clams on the shore.

Turns til death from starvation: 5
Adventure (Choice) Game: 7/15/2015 22:58:44

Level 58
Adventure (Choice) Game: 7/16/2015 01:50:44

Tyrion Lannister
Level 54
You move closer to the beast. Looking inside its mouth, you note its long (about 7") sharp teeth. It's tentacles are about 50 feet long, numerous, but only about 8" thick. It appears to have a good amount of flesh on it, weighing several tons. And who knows what might be inside it?

A: Look closer inside the mouth at the teeth
B: Tear off the tenticles and see if you can find a use for them
C: Go fishing
D: investigate the symbols
E: Attempt to fish
F: Go back to the main cavern
G: Attempt to take some of the beasts flesh off and cook as food.

Turns til starvation: 4
Adventure (Choice) Game: 7/16/2015 01:51:29

Major General Smedley Butler
Level 49
Adventure (Choice) Game: 7/16/2015 01:59:32

Tyrion Lannister
Level 54
You approach the symbols. They appear ancient; as if they've always been there. They don't appear to have been chiseled, or painted. They look like natural rock formations- but you know that's impossible.

You touch one of them. Immediately, your struck backwards, always twenty feet. But first: a flshback:

You remember from before you lost your memory...running through the woods from your sister... running... running... but then, dogs were set upon you, they tour your sister to pieces, and you only survived by jumping into the cavern...

When you wake up, you see a strange man half naked standing above you.

A: Attack
B: Yell at him to go away
C: Attempt to crawl away
D: Scream
E: Say Hello
Adventure (Choice) Game: 7/16/2015 02:11:38

Major General Smedley Butler
Level 49
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