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Grandmaster's Map Ver. 1.0: 2/10/2011 01:22:22

GLo84x T3h De5tr0yer
Level 7
1 v 1 map based on a chess game:

28 Territories - One chess set (minus one white knight and one black bishop).

8 bonuses - Black and White Royal Couple, Main Pieces, Pawns, Whole Set (one colour).

Connections - Possible (not chess-legal) taking moves.

This is my first map, I hope you enjoy it! Please leave any questions, comments or suggestions.
Grandmaster's Map Ver. 1.0: 2/10/2011 03:31:59

Level 57

WarLight Creator
Very interesting!
Grandmaster's Map Ver. 1.0: 2/10/2011 04:17:39

Level 60
Why is there a red connection-line between "e4" and "e8"?
(for those who don't play chess: white-pawn-4 and black-king)

And you should fix some of the crooked white lines and/or make the squares more precise.

Anyway, this map is strange, weird, complicated and confusing - i like it, will play it this weekend...
Grandmaster's Map Ver. 1.0: 2/10/2011 18:49:58

Level 44
Metal, there is no connection between those two, it's just both the lines from the knight at f6 going to either one..
Grandmaster's Map Ver. 1.0: 2/10/2011 18:51:57

Level 44
and i might like to point out.. that the white side gets boned.. only way to get to e4 to complete your set bonus is to go through the black knight at f6, lol
Grandmaster's Map Ver. 1.0: 2/10/2011 21:07:48

Level 60
Perrin, you're right with that line, that both came from the knight.
I think the lines of the knights should be diagonal to make this clearer.

And that white-pawn-4 could stand on e5 i suggest.

But anyway most games are a fast fight for queens and kings; no game really lasts long...
Grandmaster's Map Ver. 1.0: 2/10/2011 23:42:14

GLo84x T3h De5tr0yer
Level 7
Thank you for the feedback!

Cheers Fizzer!

Metaltubbie you're right, I should have neatened up the board lines/squares, but I made the map in two evenings (including the time taken to download Inkscape over a painfully slow internet connection) and I was more excited by the concept than making it neat (next version will be better!).

Unfortunately I couldn't work out how to get my friends in to a test game, so before publishing it I had only played a couple of games against AI. I see now that the bonuses are too unequal, and there should be others ('Pair of Rooks', 'All the Rooks', 'All the Knights' etc etc). I can also see how White is a little disadvantaged by the layout!

The connection lines are a bit confusing, I tried to lay them out in the least confusing way though. At first I wasn't going to have ANY connection lines, and people would have had to rely on their chess skills to work them out!

The good thing about the basic idea though is that there is an enormous number of possible layouts, and the interesting thing is working out which also make good Warlight maps.

Planned developments:

* More bonuses
* Neater board
* Clearer connection lines
* Chess notation markers (1-8, A-H)

Possible ideas for the future:

* Positions from famous games (suggestions, anyone?)
* Three-way chess map (
* Would be nice if you could set up one-way connections and replicate just the possible chess-legal moves.
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