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Very strange game: 2/14/2011 00:07:38

I <3 GawithApricot
Level 3
Look at this game:

I can't belive that Jay started exactly in Alaska and Hawaii where bonuses were set to 5. Especially because it was RANDOM warlord distribution. He says in chat that he wasn't creator of this game. It's true but in Lobby he was in "Waiting for join or decline..." status so he was invited by host - da conquer.
I don't want to accuse anybody for cheating. I just want to know your opinion about it.

Sorry for my English. It can be ununderstandable in some places but it's not my mother tongue ;)
Very strange game: 2/14/2011 00:33:56

Level 12
Yeah, it's crazy, but I think it's just a coincidence. Look at the settings... it wasn't a custom scenario and it was an automatic (not manual) distribution. It's from a saved template, you can play it yourself with the same settings and see what happens.
Very strange game: 2/14/2011 22:21:09

Level 40

what do you want, Jay Moneys Cumulative Luck was below -8 at the end of the game :D!
Very strange game: 2/15/2011 22:49:58

Level 5
Fizz should look at this game. It's random warlords distribution which would not include Alaska or Hawaii normally, but they were given a +5 bonus and distributed in the initial distribution with bad results for the other team.

If you click on the map and check the warlords distribution they shouldn't have been given out. What's the deal?
Very strange game: 2/15/2011 23:13:20

Level 44
Warlords =/= random warlords...

Random warlords places 1 random starting spot in each bonus *including 0 army bonuses, and big bonuses like the Unification ones in E.Asia*

Warlords was made by the map creator to be a more correct version.
Very strange game: 2/16/2011 01:42:17

Level 57

WarLight Creator
Perrin is correct. "Warlords" is a normal distribution, as defined by the map creator (it could have been named anything.)

"Random warlords" is a special distribution that exists for all maps. It picks a random territory from each non-zero bonus and includes it in the distribution. It tends to not work very well with one-territory bonuses, since whoever starts there gets an advantage.

This game really shows that off, as one player got really lucky and got both of them. The random number generator was on his side for this game!
Very strange game: 2/16/2011 05:27:33

Level 44
oh, i had thought it included 0 bonuses in the random distribution as well, lol
Very strange game: 2/16/2011 16:04:16

Level 5
Thanks for clarification. I've played a lot of games where someone added bonuses to the default 0 neutrals (e.g. Alaska and Hawaii), but they've all been manual warlords distribution, which does not give a player the option to pick those neutrals. The same board with random deistribution would add any neutrals with bonuses to the distribution. Very interesting. Had they been worth +1 it might not been a bad result to start with 2 of them, sicne they have worse expansion options.

I'll avoid creatign this scenerio in my random maps (e.g. with heavy fog and wastelands).

BTW Fizz -- it would be GREAT to have an option where you could have manual picks, heavy fog and wastelands, but not reveal to the players where the wastelands are before they pick. The only way to hide wastelands is to go with random picks - which is doubly limiting (you get a random spot AND it could be next to a wasteland). I'd like to have the option to only limit by wasteland.
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