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Cyclic order Question mark?: 7/29/2015 10:23:40

Level 55
In No-Luck Cycle we have a nice question mark under our orders to see the players order of Cycle. But the question mark is missing in Cyclic order. Is it just me, am I missing some setting? All my Cycle games I can´t see the question mark. Or is warlight missing something? I do not mean the first turn of Cyclic but forward turns where order is set. Anyone has idea/thoughts?
Cyclic order Question mark?: 7/29/2015 10:29:06

Level 59
on cyclic you have to figure out the turn order on your own
Cyclic order Question mark?: 7/29/2015 13:00:25

Level 55
So its deliberate!
Well its not that hard to do so. Its just a minor inconvenience. First turns are somewhat more interesting that way due to blindfold of unknown attacks. I always played No-Luck Cycle before, but I feel that time-based judgement of move order is not always the best option and random is just random. But where the idea originates that Cycle is hidden, and No-Luck Cycle is public? Does it has to do something with Coin games and legal issue to remove all random features? Although hidden cycle does not refer to random at first sight?
It would be much appreciate if there would be also Public-Cycle to make game turns a little faster, so one does not need to preload Chat where I write Cyclic order down. And for newer players it would be easier to fathom all the keyfeatures of the game.
Cyclic order Question mark?: 7/29/2015 19:46:42

Level 51
Move order visibility was a new feature that came with No-luck Cyclic order. I don't think a specific decision was made to distinguish No-luck Cyclic from Cyclic that way until Fizzer had already implemented No-luck Cyclic with move order visibility. Before that, you were always responsible for figuring things like that out yourself.
Posts 1 - 4 of 4   

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