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The Math Behind TrueSkill [Discuss]: 8/1/2015 01:20:03

Level 58
Here is my log chat with a random random player :


I think it is the best explanation of the True Skill System. :)

Very long article and also explains how team score is calculated under Microsoft Patented TrueSkill System.

TrueSkill also has an official page !

I always stumbled upon the Microsoft Article page when searching. :)

The math article linked in Jeff Moser page has Gaussian, Bernoullis and Matrices. Very Very Very Complicated. :(


Any theories on ladder inflation, match making and other things ?

The calculator :
is very fun to use.
The Math Behind TrueSkill [Discuss]: 8/1/2015 06:07:56

Level 51
That article is great. Didn't realize that there was ML involved before I read it.
The Math Behind TrueSkill [Discuss]: 8/2/2015 20:43:43

Math Wolf 
Level 62
This has been linked and partially discussed a while ago:
It's indeed pretty technical.
There have been some other topics about it as well.

There's also a WL tool by the way, see:
( The tool itself can be found at )
Posts 1 - 3 of 3   

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