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SP scenarii: 8/2/2015 18:50:17

Level 55
This is an old thread revival (

Unfortunately, this is still officially unimplemented, so I will allow users to rate scenarii and I will put everything by highest rated to lowest rated on the post below.

10: Perfect! No suggestions you can make.
9: Fantastic! Could barely be improved.
8: Great! Minor, not heavily important mistakes.
7: Nice! Some issues, but overall a very good template.
6: Good! Some mistakes, improvement would be nice, but it's good anyway.
5: Fine. Needs a bit improvement, but still pretty fun to play.
4: Decent. It's fun to play, but needs some improvement.
3: Okay. It's playable, but it's not really that fun and needs improvement.
2: Bad. It's not fun to play, it needs improvement.
1: Terrible. It's very boring and bad, it needs significant improvement.

Also, 5 skill ratings:
5: Legendary.
4: Hard.
3: Normal.
2: Easy.
1: Baby.

Below will be some candidates - please rate them if you have tried them. No voting for your own templates.

Edited 8/2/2015 22:01:35
SP scenarii: 8/2/2015 19:03:45

Level 55
WW2 (Жұқтыру):

Middle Earth Good (Thomas 633):

Middle Earth Evil (Thomas 633):

Chaos Middle (Thomas 633):

World War II Major Powers (Pulsey):

26 AIs ag a human (DanWL):

Human and AIs (DanWL):


Iranianiraqi War (Red Menace):

Hexagon (Henns):

Mystic Islands (qwed117):

White Walker's Wrath ([TWI] limalia_786):

Westoros (Thomas 633):

Westoros Reach (Thomas 633):

Westeros Aegon (Poseidó̱nas):

WW2 Tactics: Bulge Battle (Genghis):

Imperial Soldier (Henns):

Luxemburg Rampage (Thomas 633):

WW2 Tactics: War in the East (Genghis):

Russianturkish War (Жұқтыру):

Ice and Fire Song (Thomas 633):

Crusades (OnlyThePie):

Livonian War (Жұқтыру):

WWII Pacific Theatre (OnlyThePie):

Lippe 1813 (Ranek):

WW2 Tactics: Europe, 1939 August (Genghis):

Crazy 88 (Thomas 633):

World War 2 1942 (Castle Bravo):

WW2 Heroes: Erwin Rommel, North Africa (Genghis):

WW2 Heroes: George Patton, North Africa (Genghis):

687 BCE (Жұқтыру):

Snowflake War (Henns):

World War 3 Pacific (Thomas 633):

WW2 Heroes: George Patton, Part 2, South Europe (Genghis):

WW2 Heroes: Konstantin Rokosovski, East Front (Genghis):

Greek War (Жұқтыру):

Edited 8/2/2015 22:01:24
Posts 1 - 2 of 2   

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