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Fun Europe game I played: 8/3/2015 06:56:00

Level 52

Had some Post-Livestream 2v2 action with Master of the Dead.

This is on my Nebulona template I made a while back.

Key Difference between Nebulona and Europe 3v3 NC 4x4 shits'n'giggles nacho dip?

- 2v2

- The bonuses follow a 1:2 Income : Territory ratio scheme, this favors bonuses like portugal, Finland, Romania, Southwestern Russia or Britain when they're normally bad. The total flip of the picking dynamics makes things interesting. Also, Germany is the best bonus on the map coming in at 8 income for 12 territories. Get it if you can and you'll probably win!

- Distribution settings :
1 army for each territory,
2 armies for distributed territories,
3 picks for each player,
Player territories start out with 6 armies
10 wastelands with 4 armies
This mixes up the game pace, with it being easier to expand early, and just as easy later on. The map's bonus redistribution also reflects this, and you can synergyze play styles very easily.

- Army Settings
0% Luck, to make expansion even easier
Straight Round, to again make expansion easier
3 Initial Armies, so make the most of your starting armies or you're screwed!

- Card Settings
There is an Abandon Card with 225% Army rate. Lure your opponents into a fatal trap, or whip up some emergency armies to hold a territory in a Last Stand!
Reinforcement Card for 3 extra armies. This can give you the valuable expansion rush, or a nice synergy with Abandoning.
Order Priority Card is a very easy to get card. Save them up or use them quick!

According to a few playthroughs, the new Power Triangle is :

Iberia (safe income and positive I:T ratio)
Balkans (Practically a Gold Mine, but the bonuses are fairly large so you need to invest a lot. This makes Hungary and Western Balkans hot property)
Scandinavia and Britain (Norway is a very good chokepoint, bordering Britain, Finland and Russia)
Russia (it has very great area for maneuevers and valuable territories. Control it and you can pick and choose where you want to fight)
Fun Europe game I played: 8/3/2015 11:25:28

Level 59
I wish it was Multiday :(
Fun Europe game I played: 8/3/2015 19:56:49

Level 52
You can just edit the template settings?
Fun Europe game I played: 8/3/2015 20:32:39

Level 59
I meant I wish it was played as multiday so I could join.
Fun Europe game I played: 8/3/2015 20:41:45

Level 52
Well, you can just make a game and invite me. Or not invite me.
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