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Looking for feedback: 8/7/2015 15:32:10

Level 57
hey guys,
it has been a while since I created my first and only map. the map has been tested by the community and the feedback has been great. what has prevented me from publishing it is the fact that I'm not quite satisfied with the design, I feel there's some small details missing which could make the map more appealing from an esthetical point of view. the problem is, I don't know what.

I would love to get some tips from u, all suggestions are very welcome. the main idea is to get an "old map"-look, if u got any functions in inkscape which could be of help, I am all ears.

thanks in advance. have a nice weekend and take care.

hail jah

Edited 8/7/2015 15:54:21
Looking for feedback: 8/7/2015 17:35:27

Widzisz • apex 
Level 59
If you really want to make your map look old, I think you should work on the bonuses colours. Atm they are to bright / vivid imo. I would go with sepia or black and white palette.

Can't help with inkscape functions, sorry. I'm Inkscape noob.

I'm not sure if bridges are well visible if you intent for people to play the map without the need to zoom in.

Edited 8/7/2015 17:36:48
Looking for feedback: 8/7/2015 18:03:35

Level 57
It looks really nice. Bonus boxes are slightly too small, need to be minimum 16x16. Design is fine, I wouldn't go over the top, especially for a small map. Gameplay is a bit of a question mark with its appearance and territory shapes, but cannot judge until its been played.
Looking for feedback: 8/8/2015 14:31:49

Level 57
thanks for your remarks. you both comment on the size, it is intended that people zoom in while playing. unfortunately both the irregular territories and the small connections make it difficult to play on "one size". i will however make the bonus boxes bigger.

the idea with the colors is a very good one. also, it would be good to use some kind of filter in inkscape which would make things look old. perhaps someone else has experience with this?
Looking for feedback: 8/9/2015 09:00:17

Level 55
Thus far it looks nice. I agree with Widz and thus applies to most of maps that Brigh colors should be changed to eye-friendly and dim ones.

Correct me if am wrong, but it is suggested to have Bonus Boxes 16x16, but it is not mandatory? Or at least if you export from inkscape then size can be lower than 16x16. For me 14x14 looks better, as size of the bonus letter is constant and border is closer to it.

Can´t see bonuses and all connections so hard to judge the overall gameplay. I would consider making the sea-connection border thicker, but maybe it just looks too thin from this scale.

Guidecca and San Marco sea connection is tricky. Maybe make it simpler and connect straight up to right side of San Marco square look-like territory, so it would be more visible and clear understanding.
Looking for feedback: 8/11/2015 20:29:11

[NL] Willem van Oranje
Level 57
I'm impressed by the improvements you made to this map
When I tested it with you, still lot of work had to be done, but this is a really great result!

For me, the connections are all clear on this map and the ideal bonus square format is 16x16 but 14x14 and 12x12 (only for 1 numbered bonus) could also be used.

I don't agree with the comments on colors; Now the overlapping bonusses can be clearly seen. If you use eye friendly and dim one colors, you'll see that the bonusses are more difficult to seperate because you have a limited choice of colors available.
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