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Colin's Awesome Reptilian Offer: 8/8/2015 22:06:11

Colin Craig
Level 41
Hello, I am Colin Craig- leader of the now near defunct Conservative Party of NZ, and master of how to walk like a reptile!

Reptiles are proving to be effective in my WarLight career, as my reptiles have won me seven 1 v 1's (read my bio), and got me to level 10 inside one week!

I don't want to hear the old excuse of "you haven't proved yourself yet" or "seven 1 v 1's isn't enough". I know this garbage already and will just ignore you if you choose to criticize me, however I will kindly help if you just ask and don't criticize me!

Reptiles can win you 1 v 1 matches in WarLight, although they haven't been trained to beat clanned people, win FFA's and anyone beat anyone higher than level 36. Please send a private message to me and I will teach you how to be an expert in using reptiles. I will also teach you the delicate skill of how to send a good, gracious message after winning a match- but not losing as I haven't mastered that yet. I will teach anyone from members, to clanned people, and high and low level players.

In return Colin would like to know how to beat the best, as he will teach you how to train reptiles (which if used skilfully, can win you matches)! Colin can also teach you how not to sweat inside a sauna, and the art of press conferences.

So, please do send me a private message with the subject "Your Reptile Offer" and I will give you a long, lengthy report on how to be like me, and train your reptiles! Replies may come within 5 minutes to 18 hours, depending on when I am active.


Edited 8/8/2015 22:07:36
Colin's Awesome Reptilian Offer: 8/10/2015 04:57:24

Colin Craig
Level 41
My reptile offer has attracted no views. Maybe it's because of my previous failures in politics, dang it!

WELL THEN! Time to put this forward again. Hopefully I get more viewers on this- totally not bumping this up- and more people can learn this awesome, fine art of how to train reptiles.

Have fun in the sauna, and without your reptiles!
Colin's Awesome Reptilian Offer: 8/10/2015 05:00:20

Major General Smedley Butler
Level 49
Oh New Zealender , master of the reptilian arts train me in your ways.
Colin's Awesome Reptilian Offer: 8/12/2015 13:08:45

Level 46
Oww noes, i 'm not level 37 yet, how must i fend off those reptilians now ??
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