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strategic clans: 8/13/2015 17:03:48

Level 60
there are so many clans right now that i dont even know what each of them is all about, here follows the list of the clans which i believe to be mostly concerned about strategic games and with at least good players:
Master clan
[Blitz] ????
[WM] do they still exist?
[20] do they exist?

are there any other?


[Lynx] - just looked at their members and their is no doubt they belong here
French community - i just believe they have a bit of everything, but they certainly also have some very strong strategic players
Icelandinc turtles - I intially thought about including them, but they are so few, and i have no idea who some of them are (im certain its my fault)
(AHoL) - once again, im a walight ignorant, got surprised by who their members are
awf - possibly
warlighter - probably the more relaxed strategic clan out there
VS - no idea

what about the statisticians?

Edited 8/13/2015 17:47:17
strategic clans: 8/13/2015 17:09:26

USA Biches
Level 61
strategic clans: 8/13/2015 17:10:41

USA Biches
Level 61
icelandic turtles and the clan of warlighters are both under reconstruction I believe and I think 20 as well
strategic clans: 8/13/2015 17:11:07

Level 60
I think there are quite a few more than are strategic but maybe don't have as many elite players.

I think AHol is strategic, but also takes things less serious as well.

Warlighters and REGL I don't know. There are a few really good players in there but I don't know what the rest of the clan mates usually play.

French I see a lot in strategic stuff. Starting to see a lot more VS in those also.

And yes you forgot Lynx

Edited 8/13/2015 17:11:30
strategic clans: 8/13/2015 17:20:44

Level 58
awf is strategic, but we may not be as elite or as serious about improvement as some. but we do have internal and external competitions and strategic discussions.
strategic clans: 8/13/2015 17:25:34

Level 58
REGL is more about playing together as a group rather than about skill, we tried having an "elite" subsection once upon a time but that didn't last too long. It's all about enjoying yourself, this is just a game after all :)
strategic clans: 8/13/2015 18:22:17

Level 58
warlighter - probably the more relaxed strategic clan out there

Not really. :)
strategic clans: 8/13/2015 18:25:18

Level 59
I am willing to guess that AWF has the most internal competitions of any clan shyb :P
strategic clans: 8/14/2015 03:57:42

Level 58
VS, iirc, was formed from the strategic players of some other clan.

You might want to distinguish between elite clans like apex and much larger, more inclusive groups like Illuminati.
strategic clans: 8/16/2015 00:13:42

Master Turtle 
Level 61
Look at the Clan league for a good comprehensive list of strategic clans. There are a few others clans besides those but they are listed.

Icelandic Turtles can be expected to be a contender in the Group B promotion slots for this clan league..... Count on it!
strategic clans: 8/19/2015 13:42:17

Von Jewburg
Level 35
Mongols are just kind of sitting there.

We're roleplay/diplo, so we tend to be ignored.
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