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Searching for Dameon: 8/25/2015 21:57:54

Level 50
Searching for Dameon, creator of the "A Song of Westeros and the Free Cities" map.

Hi, i'm looking for Dameon creator of the "A Song of Westeros and the Free Cities" map. A friend an me are planning to expand this map with adding the rest of Essos as seen in "World of Ice and Fire" using his template as basis.

I'm just looking for a way to contact him directly or someone who worked with him on this template since he wasn't online during the last 60 days and doesn't read his mails. We would need the SVG-file of the map, making it a lot easier to stich it together.

I would also be glad if someone has a better suggestion how we could work this out.

Greetings, Eine Ente
Searching for Dameon: 8/25/2015 22:56:18

Level 62

He's apparently been inactive for more than two months; unless you have his e-mail, or know where to get it, your only option is to send him a mail and wait until he responds.
Posts 1 - 2 of 2   

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