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What could I have done better?: 9/2/2015 06:48:18

Thomas 633
Level 56
What could I have done better?: 9/2/2015 07:23:22

Bayern München is the best!
Level 58
No. ( I'm the opponent)

Edited 9/2/2015 07:23:35
What could I have done better?: 9/2/2015 07:41:20

Level 57
@Thomas you're very lucky your opponent (above) picked three start spots, and as a result The best (which appears to be contradictory) ended up in a bad place.

Turn 3- Could've went half and half in South Africa and Pakistan (deploy 4 to each)
Turn 11- The best, why discard a reinforcement card? HAHA, too funny

IMO there wasn't much you could've done wrong Thomas. The best clearly wasn't playing well
What could I have done better?: 9/2/2015 07:48:22

Bayern München is the best!
Level 58
Why? Bcs I lost already and i though i surrendered ;) But it was happen instantly and i didnt sur...

Edited 9/2/2015 08:39:35
What could I have done better?: 9/2/2015 09:30:16

Level 58
Picking: You picked SAfrica as your first pick. Why? It has a bad Territory to income rate. There are other bonuses of 3 that can be completed quicker. If you chose it as a counter to Ant it still doesn`t make sense. You didn`t choose Ant and SA doesn`t border it. If you played it as a counter then you need to know that this isn`t the way you should counter ;)

Also did you realise SEA was a FTB? The way you picked makes me think you didn`t.

In turn 2 you risk a 3v2 in Thailand, while you deploy two on Murmansk to take Moscow. Why do you risk failing SEA. Moscow is not important right now, completing SEA and getting income is. If you don`t have income after turn 2 on strat 1v1 you usually did something wrong.

Turn 3: You saw him fail an attack in Ant last turn, you can prevend him for taking it this turn (as it is unlikely he expects you in SAfrica, although in this game he knew you were there). This allowed him to get income, while the game would`ve been over if you had prevented him from taking Ant. You also did a 2v2 on Georgia? Why? All this does is giving away your postion to him and weakening your stack. I don`t see any reason to make this attack.

Turn 4: You decide to ignore Ant completely and focus on west Russia? If you know he is in Caucasus it doesn`t seem like a safe idea to go for West Russia, does it? Also you could expect your enemy to move into "Xinjiang" and probably "Tibet" after that. Seems to me you would want to prevent that and also deploy around Ant. Instead you deployed everything on Russia....

Turn 5: He has a stack advantage in Ant, you can expect an attack on South Africa. So you deploy all your armies there. You can calculate that you`ll have trouble there anyways. Even if you aren`t sure of his income, he has at least 8. If he plays a card and goes full from Ant into Africa you`ll have 2 leftovers. So it is important for your stack to stay there if you are willing to take the risk of losing most of your armies there. Yet you weaken your own stack by attacking Botswana. Why? You are probably going to get a card piece anyways because of Caucasus and you`ll not get eliminated anyways if you lose South Africa. Also you were quite lucky he let himself get eliminated out of Caucasus, but that his fault and good of you to try.

After that not to many mistakes except for entering Central Russia and Europe (both were wastelanded). You can always go to the history tab and go to the picking stage to find out where all wastelands were located.

Turn 10: Love that you deploy one in Germany to take Poland. This way you are more likely to get a card piece I guess. Except for the fact that if you wanted that card piece you could`ve either taken something in Central Russia (as you wouldn`t have to deploy anything in that case) or deploy one on Tadschikistan and move into West China, which is accually a bonus you can complete ;)

Turn 13: Why did you deploy in Egypt?
TL;DR: You made mistakes, your enemy made more so you won the game.
What could I have done better?: 9/2/2015 09:38:38

Bayern München is the best!
Level 58
And you think i will read this?
What could I have done better?: 9/2/2015 10:06:18

Level 60
Terrible play by both. But i play recenty even worse then you, best
What could I have done better?: 9/2/2015 10:19:17

Level 59
The most funny thing is The best's random spot was a potential counter to WR and SEA
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