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A clan sharing my interests...: 9/6/2015 23:33:34

Level 58
Presentation :

University in Mechatronics. First year.

Rank 30 in ladders. High ego or arrogant (???). Joined 1 vs 1 ladder recently.

Achievements :

Creator of one working tournament. Favorite friends / opponents in ladders.

USA VS JAPAN MEGABOTS. Genocide threads. Vassal thread. Typewriters are awesome thread. Another morseware thread. Don't remember...

Profile pic is Codecademy for completing almost all courses. I did it a long time ago and went over 1000 pts. Friendly community.

Mechatronics is :

Mathematics ; integrals; matrices; statistics; graphs; no classical geometry
Literature Hard. You can become a writer afterwards. Standards are high. And standards are just the bare minimum...
Physical condition

What is a mechatronician ? Multi disciplenary that focuses mainly on physics and electronics processes. An engineer and technician in electronics is pretty much the same on all levels. Possible of higher salary than engineer. Laboratory equipment or security systems are good examples of electronics.

Electricity, techniques/laboratories, integrated circuit theory, programmable circuits, computer theory,

Build your own printed green card.
Ask company to print schematic.
Stick integrated circuits into your card and solder it.
Build awesome machine.

Mips 32 and computer architecture also awesome.

Pros :

Knowledge about advanced things because university.
Has hobbys outside warlight as sports, reading, math solving, mechatronics (my job). Plan to make budget to go theater because fun. Or try to do other cultural things as art or learning languages.

Talks a lot.

Hyper competitive. Not terrible player.

Half friendly and reached *my true skill on rt*.

Cons :

Hyper competitive. Frustrated at ladders sometimes. Off topic or spammy.

High ego according to some.

Social skills nil.

Need clan with small gap of skill, html interest (want a page instead of facebook), high knowledge on some things, ready to share cool knowledge or talk about some subjects like math/technology, relaxed environment (don't like to be frustrated at ladders).

As for html, I want my own site for cv, homework scan, resources, tutorials and maybe a warlight blog. I am finding all kind of free resources made by students and teachers. It is free and actually good as complementary reading. Really like that stuff. Online encyclopedias made by specialists and tutos are all very cool things on internet. Enough said about online resources.

Offers :

Judeburger clan

WG (ANNA) is a suggestioj by a good player.

Any clan that is half interested can reply.
Ask queations, shars interests, discuss op points like online resources... Anything if not totally off topic.

Edited 9/6/2015 23:34:24
A clan sharing my interests...: 9/6/2015 23:37:27

Level 58
I may still have headache. Had it yesterday.

Post looks good and not off topic much.

Any interest in Vassal or personal pages (pagesperso) ?

Edit 2 : I originally suggested vassal because creative community with all maps. You can create risk or games with map, cards, dice and all that. Not sure of all limitations. Some players wanted to build risk clones or custom scenarios.

It is also very very possible to create and sell your own board game on game geeks. Thy actually do the printing and delivering. So many creative things that can be done in community. Warlight has map makers, tourney makers, scenario makers, diplo makers. It is a community with diverse interests. Unlike other comminities that may about one thing like chess or music.

Edited 9/6/2015 23:48:24
A clan sharing my interests...: 9/6/2015 23:40:00

Level 53
This looks like a resume, not a clan thingy. I don't think USSR is really right for you.
A clan sharing my interests...: 9/6/2015 23:51:19

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59

Rank 30 in ladders.

I'll be impressed if your break into double digits...
A clan sharing my interests...: 9/6/2015 23:55:17

Level 58
Only gg is top 10 most of the time :p

1600-1700 is roughly top 30. Top 30 most of the time.

What is double digits ? In earth ladder, it only matters if I am matched with fireice or dom. Everyone:s favorite opponent. ;)

@ Genghis : I agree with you. Online cv is a lot better than facebook, linkdn. Showcasing projects or serious work should be a triple mark for your candidature. Or suposed to be. Otherwise, they are not serious.

Edited 9/7/2015 00:02:47
A clan sharing my interests...: 9/6/2015 23:55:34

Level 52
No doubt. Use this to get a job.
A clan sharing my interests...: 9/7/2015 02:43:50

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
Top 30 in THE ladder. Not the RT ladder (in which you rank mid-40s). Top 30 in the REAL ladder is 1900+

You should know that any generic reference to the ladder here will be taken to mean the 1v1 ladder, NOT the lesser-played RT ladder.
A clan sharing my interests...: 9/7/2015 04:35:28

Miles Edgeworth
Level 59
I'm just going to throw in my $0.02 as well.
    Achievements :

    Creator of one working tournament. Favorite friends / opponents in ladders.

    USA VS JAPAN MEGABOTS. Genocide threads. Vassal thread. Typewriters are awesome thread. Another morseware thread. Don't remember...

I don't think making threads/tournaments count as "achievements." If you consider them as "social achievements," then yes, but that's just a personal achievement of coming out of your shell and branching out to the social aspect of the game.

    Rank 30 in [Real-Time Ladder].

Like Richard said, unless you specify, people will automatically assume you mean the 1v1 ladder (which is the most popular). Being that you play the RT Ladder obsessively, it was easy for me to tell which ladder you were referring to. But it is not as obvious to other players. Even so, I wouldn't really put you in the 30s tier in the ladder. Since it is less-popular, and thus less played, it is easier to maintain a higher ranking. Since you are generally ranked 30th out of 60 players (more or less) on the RT Ladder during its "off-season" period, you would be about an average player. Putting this into similar conditions on the current 1v1 ladder, you would be ranked at around #150 out of 300 ranked players. I think your current tier of 50 is a more suitable statistic than the 30s. Now that there is an influx of people playing the RT Ladder than just the normal 60 or so, it is harder for more "permanent" players on the ladder to keep their original position. Of course, the RT Ladder is nothing like the 1v1 Ladder, but assuming rankings of players stay the same on both ladders (which they mostly don't), you would be ranked lower. A rating of 1600-1700 would put you at #131-83 on the current 1v1 ladder.

    Talks a lot.

Talkative is fine. Especially when discussing strategy. However, keep in mind there is a difference between knowledge and wisdom. You may know how to pick and play on templates from experience; trial and error so to speak. But knowing how or why those picks/moves are important is crucial. You still have much to learn given your current gameplay, but you have also improved a lot. Just make sure you know what you are talking about. Also, don't talk about strategy before or during your games. They either confuse or reveal your strategy to your opponents.

    High ego according to some.

Could not agree more. Especially when you first started playing, you offered very bad advice and assumed you had lost games due to trivial reasons. Luckily that habit is no more, but your ego remains more or less the same (the fact that you refer to yourself as the "top" noob in the RT Ladder is proof enough). I think this is why you weren't suited for Illuminati. Illuminati is a clan that allows "students" to converse and play directly with "elite" clan-mates of greater skill in order to learn strategy quicker than most. However, whenever better players pointed out your mistakes and offered you advice, you refused to listen. Instead you blamed your mistakes on an entirely irrelevant factor, and this was the reason you did not improve as much as you would have liked there. Illuminati had a very fast-paced learning curve, which is why I think you did not fit in.

Therefore, I would recommend a smaller clan that focuses on gameplay and improvement, but offers learning at different paces for individuals and a strong sense of community. Clans such as 101st, M'Hunters (not as small), or Warlighters would definitely fall under that category. Not sure of their current activity, but from my experience they've been decent clans filled with players willing to help each other learn. You could probably also fit in with more casual clans such as REGL, which would also be very accommodating to your learning curve.

Remembeer, there's only so much a clan can do for you. They're not tools that magically make you better if you stay in them long enough. When it comes down to it, it is only by your hand that you improve.

Edited 9/7/2015 04:37:58
A clan sharing my interests...: 9/7/2015 04:42:44

Level 55
After_Dark, we're a pretty knowledge-tuned clan.
A clan sharing my interests...: 9/8/2015 03:54:44

Level 59
I like that you posted a whole CV for this, and the fact that you said literature makes you hard. Our clan just happens to be lead by two professional writers so if you're interested in getting involved in a clan that encourages competitiveness but knows how to have fun, the Poon Squad may be for you.
A clan sharing my interests...: 9/8/2015 04:18:26

Level 52
I'm a professional author matter of factly. I usually just write up reports though.
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