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Idea: Blitz Card: 9/8/2015 21:58:13

Level 51
The blitz card would work like a airlift card in the way that you play it, but when you play it you could only send the troops into a neighboring enemy territory, the troops attacking would kill twice as many troops(the percentage could be changed) and sustain the same losses they normally would, this card would also work like the order priority card where the attack would take place at the start of the turn
Idea: Blitz Card: 9/9/2015 08:09:03

Bayern München is the best!
Level 58

Edited 9/9/2015 08:09:08
Idea: Blitz Card: 9/9/2015 14:56:00

M. Poireau
Level 53
Not a fan, sorry.
Idea: Blitz Card: 9/9/2015 16:53:59

[20] Schadenfreude
Level 56
Idea: Blitz Card: 9/9/2015 16:57:06

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
So you think it is a good idea to enable a stack to take out 1.4 times its own amount? That a stack of 22 could take out an opposing stack of 30?

And even better, make the ratio adjustable so that a stack of 10 could take out a stack of 100?

Yea, no.
Idea: Blitz Card: 9/10/2015 00:35:23

Level 46
This would be a very good card, players would be forced to spread their troops,
because their biggest stack would be the main-target.

I would add the option(on/off) to be able to attack any enemy territory,
to get as much options out of this design as possible.
Idea: Blitz Card: 9/10/2015 01:28:51

Level 58
Paratroop card. You hop over the neighboring territoy and can attack anything adjacent.

Balanced as it gives more borders or allows to jump over wastelands.

Blitz card. Defensive rate doesn't apply or lower. The army makes a surprise attack and retreats.

Negate card. You negate an enemy card on a territory like gift, blockade, bomb.

Wall card. Blocking acess to territory for X turns like diplo.

Bank card. Gives you a reinforcement card when converting production. Fixed amount.
Idea: Blitz Card: 9/10/2015 02:56:59

Level 57
I don't understand your "Bank Card," but the Wall Card is a good idea!
Idea: Blitz Card: 9/10/2015 03:37:30

Dublin Warrior
Level 40
There are some really good ideas in this thread.

Blitz is an overpowering concept on the real battlefield,

so there would have to be some major downsides to make it useable in WarLight...

Options such as:

You have to have the time, income, and technology to develop the advanced army, proper tanks, and proper training needed to execute a Blitz in the real world...

In addition there are severe constraints due to the coordination required of your army... and may the Gods have mercy on you if you fail, because neither your people nor your enemies will... also very true in real life.

So, you need to have at least 20? armies to commit in the first place,
AND 4x? the armies currently placed in the opposing territories, or your troops think you are nuts and refuse to commit...


In order to develop your armies properly, the game must have gone through a certain number of turns in order to earn the right to play the card, and you must achieved at least 3 bonuses...


A player can perform only one Blitz every 5 turns, due to the coordination required...


Must be launched against only a single player...


Launched from a single front of adjoining territories...


All your affected territories AND all of your opponent's affected territories must not be at risk from other parties...

So if Germany wants to Blitz Poland,
but Czechoslovakia, or Russia/USSR are bordering the Polish territories that Germany wants to attack, or the German territories that Germany wants to launch the attack from, then Germany needs to make other plans...

because if the blitz fails because of external interference, you're screwed:

Failure to execute the Blitz successfully means the annihilation of everything you sent...

I think all of my caveats are true-to-life in the real world/history books. :)
Idea: Blitz Card: 9/10/2015 08:52:07

Level 57
what about having the blitz card allow all armies in a territory to make 2 (option for more) attacks/transfers that turn?

Edited 9/10/2015 09:08:42
Idea: Blitz Card: 9/10/2015 11:33:30

Level 46
what about having the blitz card allow all armies in a territory to make 2 (option for more) attacks/transfers that turn?

IIRC, you can already have this effect with multi-attack.
(remember that when succeeding in attacking/transfering the army leaves it's original territory)
Idea: Blitz Card: 9/10/2015 13:04:03

Level 57
Ahh I haven't played a multi-attack game yet, seemed too obvious not to be in the game aha
Idea: Blitz Card: 9/10/2015 18:04:22

Level 55
A multi-attack Blitz card would be interesting in normal games if you can use only one multi-attack when you play the card.
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