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If you dont agree i boot you !!: 9/6/2013 19:18:28

Level 57
....some player are like this


, what do you think about ???

Edited 9/6/2013 19:19:01
If you dont agree i boot you !!: 9/6/2013 19:24:48

Tim (TIM CLAN) 😡 
Level 60
I think everyone is tired of
black list this player.
and why this player is unfair
and why no one should play with this player,
Just make a note, and BL and be over it.
If you dont agree i boot you !!: 9/6/2013 19:32:12

Level 35
Me ?
You never respect the rule of diplomacy game, is the first time i come to the forum, playe many years the game, if wanna blacklist me ok, I don't care...
If you dont agree i boot you !!: 9/6/2013 21:45:42

Level 57
Honestly, if the host set up diplomacy and/or rp rules and you don't wanna follow them, don't join the game. In other words, if you don't like those kind of games, don't play them! Find another game that's just a normal FFA and have fun. Let the RPers have their fun too :P

[On another note, JROBROY followed the rules so what's the problem here?]

Edited 9/6/2013 21:47:34
If you dont agree i boot you !!: 9/7/2013 15:56:55

Level 35
no he don't, he declared after 2min(one of the rules) I warned him and he still attacked and others players have sayed nothing then later all players has agree he have breaked the rule
But I don't care anymore about that, i have almost eliminated him alone, I don't care if he is going to BL me, but coming there to say shits about me I can't let that pass
If you dont agree i boot you !!: 9/7/2013 16:08:28

Level 58
It`ll be much easier to tell if someone posted a link to the actual game.
If you dont agree i boot you !!: 9/7/2013 18:46:01

Level 46
A title about booting and a screeny about someone blacklisting, two very different things,
seriously are we just supposed to make up whatever happened ?
Anyway, we do not care, someone doesn't play the way you like it, you blacklist him so you won't have to play with him again.
If someone doesn't like the way you play he can blacklist you as well, he is not your mother, babysitter or school teacher and thus in no way obligated to play with you.

You go over boot times, you risk getting booted, quite simple as well,
if you need more time, join games with more time or ask in chat.
If you dont agree i boot you !!: 9/7/2013 20:28:15

Level 35
Inst about booting he is crying about i am saying i will blacklist the players who suport him because he have breaked one rule of the diplo game only that, but the truth is i only have him blacklisted
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