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Under the Microscope: [WG]: 9/11/2015 23:24:28

Level 30
Today on Under the Microscope, brought to you by *cough*a mysterious alt*cough*, we take a look at [WG].

Number of members: 13
Created: 9/25/2013

One of the earliest and most accomplished elite clans on Warlight, [WG] is a small group of very strategically skilled individuals who excel on the ladders and various clan competitions. Led by ChrisCMU, a vocal voice on the Warlight forums as well as an active manager of the "Clan League", this clan strives to be the best that they can be.

[WG] embodies what it means to be a small elite clan by only accepting into their ranks those who meet their high prerequisites. The clan boosts an external website along with various tournaments and leagues to keep their members sharp and entertained. Their performance and continued standard of excellence makes [WG] one of the best elite strategic clans on Warlight.

Informative Clan Page: (A-)
Clean/Mature Reputation: (A)
Member Benefits: (A-)
Clan Activity: (B+)
Unity/Achievements: (A-)
X Factors: (B)
Overall Clan Quality: [9/10]

*this is just an analysis from myself. feel free to disagree or discuss further about the clan and possible factors about them i may have missed. Who will be the next clan...Under the Microscope?*

Edited 9/11/2015 23:45:52
Under the Microscope: [WG]: 9/11/2015 23:36:24

Level 60
Pretty sure the Clan League was created by JSA. Maybe I'm wrong.
Under the Microscope: [WG]: 9/11/2015 23:45:36

Level 30
thank you for the correction friend. i changed it :D
Under the Microscope: [WG]: 9/12/2015 00:57:46

Level 60
JSA and I created the clan together (he had created [P], which I was in). We then invited Lolowut and Gnullbegg to form the original WG. But he was never the manager of WG.

Also, I disagree with your B+ on activity (and to a lesser extent the achievement one).

-Obviously I am active on the forums
-We run the Clan League (me, JSA prior), World Series of Warlight (Ineffable), Manager League (Ineffable)
-Participate heavily on all ladders and most custom leagues.
-If you look at Knyte alternative clan rankings we are top/near the top in many of those

At any rate, look forward to seeing other write-ups.

Edited 9/12/2015 04:22:24
Under the Microscope: [WG]: 9/12/2015 04:08:35

Level 59
Jefferspin's right. I created the Clan League and ran it for the first few seasons. I retired and left it to Miyagi to run, and after Miyagi ran one season, Chris took it over.
Under the Microscope: [WG]: 9/12/2015 04:21:44

Level 60
Oh, sorry i read the clan, not clan league. My bad.

I did reference the league correct in my post though
Under the Microscope: [WG]: 9/12/2015 04:35:23

Level 52
Kek. Let's see this alt do mongols
Under the Microscope: [WG]: 9/12/2015 07:07:20

Level 55
Do Noi Dacii.
Under the Microscope: [WG]: 9/12/2015 15:25:20

Level 55
Informative clanpage: 7/10
Clean, mature reputation: 9/10
Member benefits: 7/10
Clan activity: 9/10
Unity/achievements: 9/10
Total: 8.2 (great)
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