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Under the Microscope: Apex: 9/13/2015 02:12:55

Level 30
Today on Under the Microscope, brought to you by *cough*a mysterious alt*cough*, we take a look at Apex.

Number of members: 11
Tagline: [artis. potens. experior.]
Created: 4/6/2014

One of the most accomplished and elite strategic clans on Warlight, Apex has excelled in the Clan League where they have taken 1st place three times! Small and exclusive this clan is home to numerous masters of 1v1 and Warlight strategy.

Their numbers might be few, but Apex believes in quality over quantity. This clan does not just accept the average Joe in their community. One needs to know members of the clan beforehand and have the skills to compete in competitive games to be accepted into Apex. And at the end of the day Apex doesn’t need numbers, advertising on forums, or clan drama to keep themselves relevant. Performance and success does all the talking for this elite clan.

Informative Clan Page: (B+)
Clean/Mature Reputation: (A)
Member Benefits: (A-)
Clan Activity: (A-)
Unity/Achievements: (A)
X Factors: (B)
Overall Clan Quality: [9/10]

*this is just an analysis from myself. feel free to disagree or discuss further about the clan and possible factors about them i may have missed. Who will be the next clan...Under the Microscope?*
Under the Microscope: Apex: 9/13/2015 02:15:18

Level 30
for my next edition of Under the Microscope I'm thinking of maybe doing a non-strategic clan since my last few have been more strategic based. Maybe an RP clan...
Under the Microscope: Apex: 9/13/2015 02:18:12

Darth Darth Binks
Level 56
Like Olympus?
Under the Microscope: Apex: 9/13/2015 02:18:25

Level 49
If your Looking for an RP clan, do {W.U} Westeros United, or Roleplayers Realm.
Under the Microscope: Apex: 9/13/2015 02:21:11

Level 30
definitely! :D
will probably do those after i complete Roleplayers Guild.
gotta start with the forefather of RP clans, am i right?
i think i also got some requests for CORP as well
but i promise to do {W.U.} and Rp Realm

Edited 9/13/2015 02:25:22
Under the Microscope: Apex: 9/13/2015 02:48:25

Level 55
DO Noi Dacii.
Under the Microscope: Apex: 9/13/2015 06:40:51

Ou Ki
Level 57
what are you basing these grades on (A-, etc.). Seems not to be much based on fact lol
Under the Microscope: Apex: 9/13/2015 06:57:34

Level 52

It was pretty crappy.
Under the Microscope: Apex: 9/13/2015 07:05:26

Cata Cauda 
Level 57
*Still waits for CORP...*
Under the Microscope: Apex: 9/13/2015 10:59:27

Level 58
Honestly I am a bit worried about if/when he does CORP.

Remember the CORP with Lawlz in it is not us.
Under the Microscope: Apex: 9/13/2015 11:13:24

Lolicon love 
Level 56
yeah remember that one guys who did all those tings who was in your clan before.
Under the Microscope: Apex: 9/13/2015 14:39:23

Level 59
hi Banana, thnx for your work on "under the microscope".

If you ever make M'Hunters, please notice, that we have won Norman awards. People tend to forget this
Under the Microscope: Apex: 9/13/2015 14:41:11

Level 30
i appreciate the support everyone :)
Under the Microscope: Apex: 9/13/2015 15:05:56

Widzisz • apex 
Level 59
Created: 4/6/2014

I know this is based on the date visible on the clan page, and it's totally fine, but I would like just to point out apex actually started 18.05.2012, very few clans are older (FBG, REGL, WM, [20], V.I.W to name some).

Apex may not have Norman award, but we have salammy award!

Edited 9/13/2015 15:13:53
Under the Microscope: Apex: 9/19/2015 18:14:52

Master Turtle 
Level 61
Slammy Awards will be continued too...
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