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Suggestion: Does not respect Vacation - Icon: 9/17/2015 17:11:56

Level 60
Before you say it, I have no uservoice votes...if someone else wants to post it go ahead, then link it here...

The Multiplayer dashboard has all those icons for settings, but probably THE most important setting (after boot time, which is shown on the map thumbnail) is whether the game respects vacations. Yet there are no indications of this on the dashboard. You have to enter the game and click settings to see it (where you can highlight it).

IMO, there needs to be a notification. What would be best is an icon on the thumbnail as part of the boot period. If that is not possible, an obvious icon (not green or yellow colored like we already have) under the game name.

Fizzer, this should not be too hard, but is REALLY needed IMO for people trying to manage games when they are out of town.
Suggestion: Does not respect Vacation - Icon: 9/17/2015 17:17:47

Cata Cauda 
Level 57
Suggestion: Does not respect Vacation - Icon: 9/17/2015 17:32:52

Level 60
Maybe color the boot time text something different (right now green is MD, red RT)? So like it would say "3 Days" in blue or something?

Edited 9/17/2015 17:33:18
Posts 1 - 3 of 3   

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