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"Attrition Card": 9/19/2015 20:42:15

Von Jewburg
Level 35
This would be an interesting card.

Basically, if an enemy army occupies the territory it is placed on, it would lose an x number of men over an x number of turns, stopping at 1 man.

It would be OP, but useful in diplomacy games. It also helps stop people from putting 50000 guys in one territory and killing everything.
"Attrition Card": 9/19/2015 21:35:28

Cata Cauda 
Level 57
Abandon card has a similar effect.
"Attrition Card": 9/19/2015 21:44:06

Level 59
I like this in conjunction with gift cards, could make for a very interesting game!
"Attrition Card": 9/19/2015 22:14:19

MightySpeck (a Koala) 
Level 57
no it doesn't. ^^

he means that you place the effect on a territory and then if someone has armies there at the end of the turn the they would a X amount of armies.

I'll try to make an example. (you can tell me if it is something different)

I'll use something very common that happens in the 1v1 ladder. (so reference to this map

so Player 1 is in Scandinavia(SCAD) and East Russia, Player 2 in is Southeast Asia (SEA). Player 2 guesses that his opponent is in SCAD so they will move to Iran. Player 1 also guesses that his opponent is in SEA so he goes to Georgia. so Player 1 is stacking in Georgia and Player 2 is in stacking in Iran because neither wants to lose ground. Now if Player 1 would to play this card on Iran Player 2 would have two choices move his armies so he can save them or leave them their to protect SEA from the stack in Georgia. He chooses to move his armies to Turkmenistan to try to get a different border Player 1. Player one hopping he would do this delays an attack on Iran and sends all of his stack in Georgia at the cost of losing X amount of armies that turn. So now Player 1 has a big stack next to SEA

The way i see this card working is that it is played at the end of the turn and then the card affect happens at the end of the next turn after attacks have been issued. and you don't need to be able to see the territory to use it.

I see this benign most useful in Local deployments games where you can make a opponent armies take a longer route to the front lines or get them to the front line at the cost of losing armies.

the only problem i have with it is that you would need to know they played it. and if you can't see your opponent play cards then something would have to happen to the territory (like it turning red).

Edited 9/19/2015 22:14:38
"Attrition Card": 9/19/2015 22:43:48

Von Jewburg
Level 35
"Attrition Card": 9/19/2015 22:48:28

Level 53
Good idea but it should be very customizable. If the effect lasts forever then whats to stop someone from the playing attrition cards on territories next to their border and preventing all attacks. All you'd have to do to win is blockade a territory then play attrition cards to all territories bordering the blockades. So you'd have to be able to set a limit on the number of turns the effect lasts. Although i think on certain maps the effect lasting forever would be a neat idea. Perhaps for godzilla type matches (i.e. unbalanced matches in which one player has a very high income but he must break through large blockades to kill the other players and the only way for the other players to win is to play very strategically.)
"Attrition Card": 9/19/2015 23:47:21

Von Jewburg
Level 35
I actually thought of it during a WWII game.

Germany just pushed through the Russian lines. The attrition card seemed good so that the "turn of the tide" in Russia would happen.
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