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Through the Borescope: Knights Templar: 9/23/2015 13:44:44

Level 59
Today on Through the Borescope, possibly brought to you by *cough* extremists high on self-inspired infringement *cough*, we take a look at Knights Templar.

Number of members: 27
Created: 10/30/2014
Link to clan page:

A clan with a messy past, Knights Templar has long since set their shit on fire and moved their community in the worse direction possible. Led by Gendrome, "last seen 7 days 4 hours ago" (no comment there), this clan is best represented by their mass genocides against afks and their crack addiction to skype.

Prior to the great burning of sanity and rationality, Knights Templar was a rapidly growing clan that housed over hundreds of members. But ever since Gendrome went mental and massgangraped/suprizebuttseked 100 of his former sexslaves, the clan has become steadily deforming in... really, everything with inactivity just around the corner.

A questionably alive clan grouped into knights, knights, knights that are slightly more free than others, and knights based on "what goes", Knights Templar has successfully proven themselves to have a fking knight fetish. The clan page clearly shows that they play too much Dungeons and Dragons. Knights Templar is without question, one of the best options to consider for anyone obessed with severely underdeveloped 12th century men-worn outfits.

Informative Clan Page: B-; somewhat describes themselves (a mental hospital, clearly)
Clean/Mature Reputation: D-; critism mostly coming from their first-hand kicked members
Member Benefits: at least you get a degree in outdated medievel poetry
Clan Activity: virtually siberian russia: nobody for miles will correct your insanity
Achievements: relevently comparable to hitler minus the good stuff
Form of Government: mostly anarchy with a slight hint of oligarchy
Safety from Terrorism: A-; it's not really the clan at the top of the hit list, but at the same time it doesn't neccesarily have an active security personnel
Overall Clan Quality: [-666/10]

*this is just an analysis from myself. Feel free to agree or agree further about the clan and possible factors about them I may have missed. Who won't be the next clan?...Through the Borescope?*

Edited 9/23/2015 16:20:52
Through the Borescope: Knights Templar: 9/23/2015 14:13:53

Thomas 633
Level 56
Maybe the Assassin's infiltrated them... I remember when Cade was a Knight's Templar. Sad that they died (for want of a better word, although I prefer "slipped away" or "lost the will to live" or "collapsed" or "shot by Semice's .50 cal")
Through the Borescope: Knights Templar: 9/23/2015 14:27:39

The Final, Forbidden Knowledge
Level 56
Do Apex
Through the Borescope: Knights Templar: 9/23/2015 14:29:41

Level 57
Please keep these up, these are great.
Through the Borescope: Knights Templar: 9/23/2015 15:49:34

Level 59
thanks XD
Through the Borescope: Knights Templar: 9/23/2015 21:11:11

Level 54
LOL Semi, these are pretty funny
Through the Borescope: Knights Templar: 9/25/2015 03:48:43

Level 55
Do VM, I gotta see that.
Through the Borescope: Knights Templar: 9/28/2015 00:10:04

Level 59
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