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What if Fizzer was an SCP?: 9/26/2015 07:29:36

Fan the Apostle
Level 56
I made some files for non existent SCP numbers


Ban Hammer

Object Class : Keter

SCP-2391 is to viewers a unremarkable metal hammer. It has been known to flatten nails when used as a utility tool.

SCP-2391 comprises of stainless steel , when subjects are in psychical contact , they feel a vibration , even though it is stationary. SCP-2391 can make these so known "vibrations" by itself , sometimes reaching 134 dB . After 2 Class D's went deaf , sound protectors were to be put into SCP-2391's chamber. SCP-2391 is to be stored in Site 23 . SCP-2391 weighs 429g

SCP-2391 was found when in 2009 , someone has dissaped during DIY work. Personnel who have touched SCP-2391 feel uneased and/or naueseous . However SCP-2391 victims have recovered for [REDACTED]

When it is used as a weapon , SCP-2391 send vibrations to anything it touches excluding the user , causing victims to die of [DATA EXPUNGED].

Periodically SCP-2391 produces a random bell noise , which is known as SCP-2391-2

Addendum 2391-01 : A class D touched the hammer , he feels some vibrations.

Addendum 2391-02 : A subject tried to drop SCP-2391 . The subject was terminated by the O5 command.
When 2391 was dropped , it produced a bell noise , now designated as SCP-2391-2

Addendum 2391-03 : SCP-682 was put in 2391's chamber to quote on quote "destroy it" , however it has failed. SCP-682 did not get the 2391 effects.

OK that was if Fizzer was an SCP. Say which WL player should be an SCP...

Edited 9/26/2015 07:30:52
What if Fizzer was an SCP?: 9/26/2015 08:47:35

The Mad Japanese
Level 51
Your Mom
Joseph Stalin
Colonel Cardwell
What if Fizzer was an SCP?: 9/26/2015 09:23:38

Thomas 633
Level 56
What if Fizzer was an SCP?: 9/26/2015 12:16:05

Cata Cauda 
Level 57
What if Fizzer was an SCP?: 9/26/2015 12:45:29

Fan the Apostle
Level 56
@Cata , I only do nubers that don't have scps
What if Fizzer was an SCP?: 9/26/2015 13:32:20

Cata Cauda 
Level 57
Oh... opps
What if Fizzer was an SCP?: 9/27/2015 09:20:15

Thomas 633
Level 56
I'm going to do the ones on the list:

SCP-2392 is to be contained in a normal house, five miles from any other human habitations. SCP-2392 is to be guarded by no less than three (3) class D personnel at all times, with another two (2) manning the road exiting the premises, which is currently located at (REDACTED). Subject claims to be named J(REDACTED) S(REDACTED), and to have been born in present-day Georgia in 18(REDACTED). He appears to be around the age of 60, with grey hair and a large moustache, with a knowledge of Russian, Georgian and English. He was found in (REDACTED), Siberia in 19(REDACTED).

UPDATE: Subject has self-terminated in lodge, weapon used appears to be a Walther PPK pistol.


Subject is to be contained in a cave 3 miles underground, with fire-retardant walls. Subject is to be monitored via CCTV, and Class D personnel are forbidden from associating with SCP-2393 in any way. SCP-2393 is allowed an hour a day of exercise above ground, in a cage that is a semicircle with around 100m diameter, made of iridium.

SCP-2393 is a large, flying reptile that has the ability to speak every known language, and has a genius-level intellect. SCP-2393 is dark green, with wings made of some unknown material, presumably SCP-2393's skin. It is around 25m long, and looks almost identical to "dragons" of legend. ACP-2393 can create fire emmiting from its mouth, with tempraturs up to 1,900 degrees celcius.SCP-2393 claims to be 150 million years old, and as such is considered potentially useful in research. SCP-2393 was captured in 17(REDACTED) by fifty Corporation personnel, after destroying hundreds of villages. SCP-2393 was able to seduce the villages with banter, followed by burning them to the ground, although SCP-2393 generally avoided killing. SCP-2393 claims to be a pacifist, and that such claims are unfounded. As any Class D personnel that entered also left sharing that belief, SCP-2393 is no longer allowed contact with sentient creatures.
UPDATE: SCP-2393 was offered a chance to help a Class D team capturing other SCP's. It accepted, and as of (REDACTED), has caused no injury. SCP-2393 has been relocated to an artificially built cave, with more amenities, as a reward. SCP-2393 is now allowed to talk to Class D personnel on request.

Edited 9/27/2015 09:21:45
What if Fizzer was an SCP?: 9/28/2015 22:50:16

[Wolf] Relmcheatham
Level 56
michael the great... hes bent over and raised more clans then i can remember...
Keyes... "the staller" has a decent ring to it and it describes his playstyle
zeph... [insert brazillian foot fetish joke here]
What if Fizzer was an SCP?: 9/28/2015 23:32:40

Mister Kl
Level 55
What if Fizzer was an SCP?: 9/29/2015 02:52:54

Empire of Kilos
Level 31
CAREFUL! You're gonna upset the Banhammer!
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