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Next time you want to say gg:: 9/27/2015 22:36:00

professor dead piggy 
Level 59
Say something about the game you just played, why was it good? You can have a conversation with your opponent, its sociable and informative. If they played well, let them know, it will make them feel good. Dont just go through the motions of social interaction, actually do it. 'gg' doesnt pass the turing test.

Edited 9/28/2015 17:08:26
Next time you want to say gg:: 9/27/2015 22:41:51

The Final, Forbidden Knowledge
Level 56
[20] has spoken! Talking after saying 'gg' is now fashionable!
Next time you want to say gg:: 9/27/2015 22:43:37

Cata Cauda 
Level 57
I do that quite often... I also try to start a conversation with rather new people... on the ladder many just play games and move on without any words..
Next time you want to say gg:: 9/27/2015 23:00:04

Level 59
Based on the massive sample size, of my 3 common games with the Professor, a good ratio is talking every 3 games. This is TBest way of doing it.

"Say something about the game you just played"
i was suprised by how well tbest played

"why was it good?"
he kept f*ck*ng me up

Edited 9/27/2015 23:00:25
Next time you want to say gg:: 9/28/2015 02:03:14

Level 54
Future ladder 1v1 ladder chat with no.luck settings:

A: After counting out my income expansion to turn 5, I then used an algorithm to determine the exact odds of where you might be and then counted out your income expansion to turn 5 for the most likely scenarios, based on watching your most recent 1v1 ladder games.

B: Ah, I did the same!

A: Yes. Unfortunately, all this counting has affected my personal life.

B: Me too! My psychologist told me I am becoming more rigid, more antisocial, more anal retentive.

A: That's fine. My girlfriend left me. And when my grandma died I counted the flowers and number of guests when others mourned.

B: Do you plan to play any coin games on the new settings?

A: No. I lost my job because I spent too much time at work counting armies on WarZone 1v1 ladder games. I can't afford coin games.
Next time you want to say gg:: 9/28/2015 04:44:32

master of desaster 
Level 64
Great story gui!

I offer to review games quite often when i think my opponent will appreciate it. It takes me like 5min but if it helps i'm willing to do it.
Next time you want to say gg:: 9/28/2015 05:51:10

Level 56
Well the people I have played with just left. They have no desire to discuss or review after match. I would like to find someone who is willing to discuss and review with me after matches, so we can share ideas and learn from each other.
Next time you want to say gg:: 9/28/2015 06:24:09

Level 58
i am guilty of almost always just saying gg. to me it is just a gesture, like a friendly goodbye. im normally a fairly quiet person, and i don't have much to say. but if people initiate a conversation about the game i do enjoy it. and i will usually say something if the game was extra interesting or the opponent played really well.

im not really invested enough to seek out tutoring or advice. i like to learn by doing and working stuff out in my own head, and i think im really slowly getting better in an intuitive, not easy to communicate, way.
Next time you want to say gg:: 9/28/2015 06:44:48

Level 57
Ok life coach.
Next time you want to say gg:: 9/28/2015 14:19:59

Level 61
I always say at least "gg". I see it as a simple courtesy like shaking hands after a softball game, tennis match, etc.

I'm always happy to discuss the game further though too.
Next time you want to say gg:: 9/28/2015 14:28:20

Level 60
i usually just smoke after the game, not much talking involved
Next time you want to say gg:: 9/28/2015 15:26:54

Lolicon love 
Level 56
well i use GJ instead so what should i do.
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