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Member-Only Ladder Poll?: 9/29/2015 05:47:56

Level 54
1v1 Ladder

- Two template options:
(1) Classic: 0% WR, random order, ME
(2) New: 0% SR, cyclical order, MME

- Other Possible Votes:
(1) Classic + New -- Would you play/want both ladders?
(2) Classic + "No-Luck" Random Template Ladder: Are you in favor of bringing back the Classic 1v1 ME ladder AND adding a new "No-Luck" Ladder (composed of 5-10 "no luck" templates voted on by the community)?

2v2 Ladder

- Final Earth:
(1) 0% WR vs 0% SR (I know, it's anti-coin, but most of us don't play coin games and simply never will)
(2) 2 starts vs 4 starts

- "No Luck" Random Templates: Add more "no luck" templates, so each game is on a different map. Games get repetitive and boring after playing the same map again and again. Possible maps: Final Earth, Medium Earth, Modified Medium Earth, Europe, China, Ancient Greece, others. We (Szeweningen, me, others) have dozens of templates. Ask and you shall receive.

3v3 Ladder

- Three template options:
(1) 3v3 Guiropa: 4 starts of 4, 0% WR, random order
(2) "No-Luck" Szeropa: 4 starts of 4, 0% SR, cyclical order
(3) "No-Luck" Standardized Europe: 4 starts of 4, 0% SR, cyclical order, bonus values decreased, much like Final Earth. If it must be "no luck," at least make it work better.

Real-Time Ladder

- Ideally, templates would come and go at least once every six months, based on polling. If we can vote on Maps of the Week on a weekly basis, we can vote on RT Ladder templates once every 26 weeks.
- It's long been time for a new poll.

Edited 9/29/2015 06:26:03
Member-Only Ladder Poll?: 9/29/2015 06:00:44

Level 60
Actually my template has random move order. I honestly don't mind any of those, more than anything I'd prefer more maps and templates like in rt ladder.

Edited 9/29/2015 06:02:57
Member-Only Ladder Poll?: 9/29/2015 06:02:48

Level 54
Hence, "No-luck" Szeropa.

I agree. More maps and templates would be better. But Fizzer doesn't do what Fizzer doesn't understand. He is clueless when it comes to 3v3s. So I don't think that is an option.

Edited 9/29/2015 06:04:39
Member-Only Ladder Poll?: 9/29/2015 06:08:14

Level 60
Well since still 1v1 ladder and 2v2 ladders are most popular I think more maps for those are essential. The #1 criticism vs new 1v1 ladder settings I keep hearing is games get "boring" or "repetetive". With multiple templates you always get enough variation even playing 5 games at a time since it's unlikely you'd get the same template over and over. Also since 3v3 ladder is just starting it's ok to see how it goes with that single template which imo is far superior to other current tempaltes.
Member-Only Ladder Poll?: 9/29/2015 06:10:21

Level 54
I'll add your 1v1/2v2 idea above.

Szeweningen likes "No-luck" Szeropa. I like Guiropa. Imagine that.

Edited 9/29/2015 06:29:01
Member-Only Ladder Poll?: 9/29/2015 06:15:56

[WM] Gnuffone 
Level 60
i think have both old and new 1v1 ladder would make everyone happy. But you should also consider, that player will be splitted and there will be less partecipations.
Member-Only Ladder Poll?: 9/29/2015 06:23:20

Level 54
Gnuffone, I think you underestimate the desire of some 1v1-aholics to play more than five 1v1 games at a time. Other players might reduce their game count to 2 on both, instead of 4-5 on one. And still other players might actually have a reason to join the ladder if it has better templates or variety. How many people quit the 1v1 ladder when the new template was added? How many will quit once they realize it has been changed?

There are numerous major and minor circumstances/variables involved that determine if players join or quit ladders and how many games they play on the ladders.

Real companies do polls to measure these things. Fizzer makes highly subjective assumptions based on his limited understanding of what others want.

Edited 9/29/2015 06:27:15
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