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Texas CCD Map: 10/6/2015 22:05:04

Level 56
I am continuing work on a large map of Texas divided into CCDs (Census County Divisions). I created this thread to accept suggestions of any kind.
Here is the link to the map.
Texas CCD Map: 10/7/2015 00:05:19

Level 59
The first thing I notice is that you seem to plan on having four county minimaps for bonuses. Although this is aesthetically pleasing, they are a pain to play with, in my opinion. I would much rather have the bonus links in the traditional way, with them being on top of the territories they contain. Some of the smaller territories also look to small to me. (

Apart from that the map appears to be very solidly drawn, a nice piece of work :)

Edited 10/7/2015 00:06:19
Posts 1 - 2 of 2   

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