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Looking for a Clan to Join: 10/12/2015 23:28:30

Level 36
Hi there,

So I'm still learning Warlight, I'd say I'm not good but I'm not bad either,

Just looking for somewhere to join, play with a good bunch of people that are happy to give tips along the way and improve my gameplay, I'm a casual player but I'd like to play at a more competitive level eventually,

I only speak English but happy anywhere with anyone, let me know if you need any more info!

Thanks, Regards,
Matt :)
Looking for a Clan to Join: 10/12/2015 23:48:22

Level 57
make a game with me if you would like to check us out, I can see how you play and put in a word for you?
Looking for a Clan to Join: 10/13/2015 00:20:05

Level 36
That'd be awesome thank you, however it is 1am and I have work at 6 so I'm going to head off,

I'll be back on tomorow evening, if I drop you a message when I'm on I'll try and catch you at some point tomorow, later today even lol

Thanks again :)
Looking for a Clan to Join: 10/13/2015 01:00:07

Diplomatic Immunity 
Level 54
Gentlemen are an active community that can possibly help you with strategy, we also have an active internal ladder you could use for practice. Message me if interested :)
Looking for a Clan to Join: 10/13/2015 10:15:44

Level 53
sister of satan..your scorpion sits by your side......deep in the darkness your dervishes dance and deride.
Posts 1 - 5 of 5   

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