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"Millennium- Mediteranean", super and mega bonuses: 10/31/2015 13:36:31

Level 55
I'd like to have some opinions on the super & mega bonuses in MrOobling's "Millennium- Mediteranean" map ( - M-M in short.

I played a 6FFA and now playing a 4v4 on this. In creating the 6FFA template, I wanted to make the map much less complicated in terms of its super & mega bonuses. So I got rid of almost all of them. The link to this game, if you want to see the changes:

Then I created the 4v4, forgetting about these adjustments. The game is in progress, so I don't know how the default bonus settings have an influence. (

In any case, I want a much more straightforward yet still rewarding bonus system on M-M. So tell me this: How do the adjustments in my 6FFA look to you? Do I ruin the potential of M-M with these, do I make it an unbalanced map?

If I want to add the five mega bonuses (the "De Jure Empires" shown at the bottom of the map) to the not-disabled super bonuses in my 6FFA, should I keep all mega's as "1", or should I increase their values?

Edited 10/31/2015 14:06:00
"Millennium- Mediteranean", super and mega bonuses: 10/31/2015 14:47:52

Level 30
The 'Super' and 'Mega' Bonuses are almost entirely for roleplaying purposes- especially the ones worth 1 point (and the 'trade' zones). The 'De jure Kingdoms' and 'Empires' are a-historical and can be used in strategic templates although it isn't recommended as some only cover 1 already existing bonus. For the roleplaying reason, all the bonuses are going to be kept in however, I should probably separate the 'De Jure' and historical to better show which ones can be used well. I could also create official templates (in the description of the map).
"Millennium- Mediteranean", super and mega bonuses: 10/31/2015 15:45:01

Level 55
I could also create official templates (in the description of the map)

Ah yeah. It seems like a must for this map.

edit: MrOobling added this in the description:

Edited 11/1/2015 11:02:04
Posts 1 - 3 of 3   

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