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Help with iOS Warlight app malfunction: 11/6/2015 00:44:25

Level 57
Just wandering if anyone could help me out with a fix?

The app (iOS) keeps freezing when I attempt to play the blockade card or the surveillance card, though I can play order priority/delay cards and reinforcement cards, assuming will be the same issue with gift cards etc.

When picking which territory to deploy the card, I can't interface with anything apart from a slightly askew menu bar at the top of the screen, and the commit button. If I click the menu bar it directs me to an opaque, desolate abyss and my app freezes up, requiring me to reset my phone to reset the app, If i click commit it negates the card and submits orders.

Have deleted and reinstalled a few times to no avail, just wandering if anyone has any ideas? It's been two days, and it is obviously impacting my options in game, and lost me one or two.

Would appreciate any help, thanks in advance!
Help with iOS Warlight app malfunction: 11/6/2015 01:30:46

Diplomatic Immunity 
Level 54
This happens a lot, something I've noticed works (half the time) is if, after you play the card, move your finger over the screen to keep it moving, don't wait for it to load.

Other than that, report it and hopefully it will be fixed
Help with iOS Warlight app malfunction: 11/6/2015 01:36:19

Level 57
Thanks, will give that a shot ;)
Posts 1 - 3 of 3   

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