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When playing on big maps....: 11/12/2015 00:00:31

Level 56
Want to see how the reaction is before I post on uservoice..

Scenario: You play a couple of multi-day games. Couple of FFA + Team games on fairly big maps. As the game progresses the more powerful you get and the more time you have to invest. It becomes annoying rather than rewarding, It leads to people being lazy and getting booted which leads to pissed off players.

My Solution: Have a "Auto-Order" Button. Which lets the AI do your orders, But you have the authorisation to commit the orders the AI Have given. What I hope is players will use this and will just save them some labour in some way.. Having the AI do some of the work as it does save unrelentless clicking..


1. Leads to people not being booted.
2. Can be a time-saver.
3. Can give large ffa maps + team games a Increased interest.


1. People will be lazy and noobs will abuse it.
2. Noobs won't learn.
3. Ruining the purpose of human multi-player games.

It's interesting.. Seems to be open to too much abuse for my liking. I would have it as a membership feature or new pack. I would think people who would buy this feature would be less likely to abuse it as people who buy memberships or feautures are usually very mature and therefore more trust-worthy.

I think it might a divided opinion topic or just No, Don't do it.
When playing on big maps....: 11/12/2015 00:01:45

Level 56
Disclaimer: I know nothing about how the AI works and do I claim to know the topic enough to teach it to others.
When playing on big maps....: 11/12/2015 00:02:42

Level 55
When playing on big maps....: 11/12/2015 00:07:49

Level 59
This has been suggested before in a sense. (Particularly for LD on big maps)

51 votes here

Arguably this is the same concept.. and from the community such a feature is clearly demanded.

(I believe there are some threads discussing this too, too lazy to dig for them right now . )
When playing on big maps....: 11/12/2015 00:09:25

Level 56
Hmmm, Well if that is the case I apologize but on the other hand lets take advantage of this mistake if it was one... And make this the thread where we can gather arguments + counter arguments! As if it is a file cabinet of people arguing and insulting each other!
When playing on big maps....: 11/12/2015 00:24:55

Lord of Turnips
Level 57
Arguements about problems, YAY!

How about changing local deployment so that it allows for overlapping bonus values.
When playing on big maps....: 11/12/2015 00:47:18

Level 56
Doesn't that not ruin the purpose of Local deployments? Also your derailing the thread a bit..
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